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La Gloria Cubana Artesanos Retro Especiale Habanero Reviews [view details]

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"Instant Favorite"
Great stick. Wonderful value. Well balanced smoke. An instant favorite ESPECIALLY for the price. LGC delivers as expected.
Mark G. in CA July 5, 2013
Mellow wrapper around binder & filler with some kick. Not my usual fave flavor profile but I liked them. Not sure I'll buy another box again. Construction was near perfect.
Bnwink in Bismarck ND February 15, 2012
"best lgc for flavor"
i'm smoking the toro and despite a predominant vein in the wrapper the appearance of this nicely capped cigar is unaffected,it's weighty too.the draw is effortless,toast the foot and this is the aroma that makes somebody say,"that smells great or what are you smoking?"now the best part,the flavors are amazing and frequently changing,becomes more balanced after the first in.which seems to be loaded with a unique taste all it's own.the finish is exceptional.through the nose this is one of the most flavorful ever.it will be interesting to see how the age at home.i gotta say i had my concerns when ernie left the brand but this removes my concerns.
figurado in cat square November 26, 2011
"THIS one is super!"
The flavor of the one I am smoking now is what i was looking for from what was once my very favorite cigar line. The problem is that the two before it were under filled and so burned lousy and go very bitter very quickly. I dont know how the magazines rate cigars because two cigars laying in a box side by side can be vastly differet smoking experiences. Do they judge the lousy one or the great one? Or do they smoke many and take the average. Ive smoked cigars rated 90 or more and wouldnt take a box for free because I got a bad one.Too tight or too loose and I dont care if you spend 10 bucks for it,that cigar wont be good. So this cigar is A but if I wrote this after the last one i would steer you away from it. My ratings are for THIS cigar.
Daniel W in Northport NY November 12, 2011
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