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La Gloria Cubana (DR) Charlemagne Reviews [view details]

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"Wow... I am impressed... Wow"
wow, just add a bit of smoothness and this is a fuente. Great cigar has a taste and aroma all its own. burn, draw, construction, and consistency all there. I cant figure the 85 rating. i am thinking low 90s at least, again GREAT med. maduro. I will buy these again, no question
Russell in Brigantine, NJ June 7, 2012
"Not bad for the $$"
If you like a big thick long cigar this is for you. Its not "great", but I love fighting a big stick like this. Quite heavy and a lot to smoke. Some draw and burn issues at times, but worth the effort I think. A more earthy flavor and not very complex in flavor.
jdcree in Grandville, MI June 26, 2010
"An immensely rich and full tasting cigar, great!"
The whole La Gloria line is top shelf product at bargain basement prices. The Charlemagne by the box comes to $3.28 per stick...excellent value! I'm never disappointed by this cigar, consistantly great everytime. When I cut the cap and put it in my mouth for pre-light, it is a wonderful experience that always satisfies. From the first puff of savory smoke, you will instanly be in a better place. Just be sure to pencil in a couple of hours for this baby, because she's a long smoke. Enjoy!
Steve Whitesell in FL November 3, 2006
"La Gloria Big Smokes Are the BEST!"
Ken Fitzsimmons (blueskyes@attglobal.net ), Flemington, NJ, March 3, 2001 La Gloria out does Itself !! I have been an avid cigar smoker since 1994, when I brought Rush Limbaugh a box of Hoyo De Monterrey Double Coronas from St. Maarten. I had no idea what I had given Rush as I had not smoked cigars seriously. But, the $ 240 worth of cigars was worth the opportunity to meet Rush on his TV show. Shortly after delivering the Hoyo Doubles to Rush, I began my education on Dominican Cigars with the Help of LJ Cigars in North Plam Beach, FL. I began with Partagas, Macanudo and other popular brands from General and Consolidated Cigar companies. In 1995 I met an individual in a cigar store in Bermuda and he told me about La Gloria Cubana. I did a favor for this cigar friend and brought back several boxes of cuban cigars from Bermuda on a coprorate jet I was traveling on. This friend gave me about 10 different La Glorias when I delivered the cubans to his home. I was thrilled to taste these La Glorias. Without a doubt, the BEST dominican I had smoked to date. I was traveling to Palm Beach weekly and made it a point to drive round trip to Miami to buy these wonderful cigars on South West 8th Street. I was able to open a private account back then during the shortage and purchased many bundles of La Gloria Churchills, Corona Gorda, Double Coronas, Soberanos, Charlamagnes, Wavells and Crown Imperials. I bet I have accumulated a pile of boxes of the La Gloria Line 10 feet high. These fine cigars will hold "their own" against any cuban smoke that I bring home on a regular basis. The quality of construction, color, shape, draw, flavor is sec ond to none. I have personally felt that the more experienced rollers were located in Miami verss the newest facilty that Ernesto opened in the Dominican. Whenever I have purchased these at J&R I have looked for the "FL" indication on the box to know that I am getting the Miami grade. I have heard thoughts from others, but early in the Dominican 16,000 square foot expansion, I believe I was correct in the fact that the better rollers remained on SW 8th St. in Miami. I have drank espresso with several rollers and Ernesto in Miami. What a real nice guy. He used to tell me that he was so upset to see what some of the retailers were charging for his cigars during the shortage, in some cases $ 18.00 for a torpedo or Soberano. His goal was to make a quality cigar that people could afford. Recently, I had the opportunity to smoke a Serie R made in the Dominican by La Gloria. What a wonderful Smoke! Excellent, every aspect of it. I am sorry that I didn't but all six boxes that Shannon told me that Famous had in stock. Absolutely Wonderful Cigar and beautifully packaged, deserved of such a well constructed cigar! Whether you smoke a Serie R or any of the La Gloria line, you WILL not be disappointed. A standard of excellence. Ernesto, thanks for setting such quality in the cigar industry these years. A true standard bearer. Ken Fitzsimmons This review was written about La Gloria Serie R #6
Ken in Flemington, NJ March 8, 2001
"Great Smoke"
This is one great smoke for the price. Full of spice and flavor. Good burn and fairly well constructed. One of the few cigars that I will smoke at one setting.
Dick Gloyd in Cleveland, Ohio September 14, 2000
"A tasty treat, better than pussy."
Charlemagne whet east or was it west? What rver it was let's be glad becuase we're smoking 7 1/4 of pure black delight!!!! And I can't be sure but my wife has a private eye out for these dark skined sweethearts. Lets talk about burn and ash and construction.... and sheep, keep following the herd....BAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!
Greg in Hill Top, CA. August 23, 2000
"One of the most satisfying cigars I have ever had!"
The draw was beautiful. The taste bold and spicy with hints of cedar and peppery toward the end. The burn was awesome and the presentation was nice too. Overall, I will stock this one as a regular in my humidor and would not be embarrassed in the least to offer this to my most honored guests.
Lorne N. Hanson in Virginia May 4, 2000
"Buy This Cigar - It Will be Your New Favorite"
I just received my first box of the La Gloria Cubana Charlemange Maduro and had three over the past weekend, whereas I normally woudl have one cigar. These cigars are truly delicious from smell to taste to appearance. I highly recommend these - it will be a truly enjoyable experience!
Tony Onorad in Hayward, California April 10, 2000
"A huge, satisfying smoke"
A big smoke with big flavor. Takes time to finish one but well worth it. I always keep a few of these in my humidor
Phil Steffen in Atlanta February 11, 2000
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10 Burn (83) 100
Poor Burn Rating Excellent

10 Consistency (84) 100
Poor Consistency Rating Excellent

10 Draw (86) 100
Poor Draw Rating Excellent

10 Appearance (87) 100
Poor Appearance Rating Excellent

10 Taste (86) 100
Poor Taste Rating Excellent

10 Construction (82) 100
Poor Construction Rating Excellent

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