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La Gloria Cubana Reviews

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La Gloria Cubana (DR) Torpedo
"A true standard in the cigar world!"
For me, a seasoned cigar smoker, I found that Cubànas always delivered the outstanding product. The maduros torpedoes are the standard from which I measure all others. Deep, rich, satisfying flavors that are consistent throughout the slow-burning beauty. Yes they are not cheap nor am I rich but life is short!
Dr. Greg B. in Hattiesburg, MS October 23, 2013
La Gloria Cubana (DR) Churchill
"The standard of which to measure all others!"
I've smoked cigars for many years when I discovered La Gloria Cubana. Actually the label caught my eye.I began with naturals but quickly discovered the chocolaty essence, perfect burn %26 billows of smoke that tasted of black coffee! I could light one with one!
Dr.Burks in Hattiesburg, MS May 7, 2013
La Gloria Cubana (DR) Wavell
Wow, bold and rich taste. The burn is great. Good grey/white ask. Good draw. This is an awesome cigar.
JDC in Los Angeles April 17, 2013
La Gloria Cubana (DR) Glorias
This may be my favorite Cigar. I am fairly new to cigar smoking, but this right here.... WOW. It is smooth, mild, and overall tastes amazing. It burns well, and so far I am 3 for 3 out of the box. Fabulous Cigar. 10 out of 10
Lars in Laramie April 11, 2013
La Gloria Cubana (DR) Panatela Deluxe
"not bad"
good little smoke took me about 50 minutes
Samvel in Jacksonville April 6, 2013
La Gloria Cubana (DR) Glorias
"Old goat"
Good cigar, Never disappointed me, in several boxes. This size seems to yield the right combination of burn, flavor and strength for me. I'd recommend it to any experienced smoker, that likes a Med/full bodied cigar.
Deano in Vermont March 24, 2013
La Gloria Cubana (DR) Wavell
awesome cigar.... would smoke this one every day!!!
Shane in Charleston SC December 20, 2012
La Gloria Cubana (DR) Corona Gorda
"Rich & full-flavored"
Corona Gorda Maduro is my favorite over a 20-yr period. Comparing the thousands of different brands smoked, none will ever compare to this. Price & quality are met in this cigar. I'm glad to know that some things refuse to be sold unless quality is there!
Greg in Hattiesburg, MS November 11, 2012
La Gloria Cubana (DR) Torpedo
"Very good sick worth the $$"
This cigar began strong and delivered at both ends. Will definetly be on my re-order list. Well made, great flavor and rolled to perfection. Excellent draw and delightful aroma.
Mark L. in Goshen, N.Y. October 4, 2012
La Gloria Cubana (DR) Torpedo
"Total Disapointment"
I totally agree with Hornbeck. Won't stay lit doesn't burn even, harsh smell and taste. The cigar actually split up the middle. I have been buying 5 packs to find a regular smoke. I had to toss the first 2 I tried so I am stuck with 3 awful sticks
Tom in Chicago Il August 12, 2012
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