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La Gloria Cubana Reviews

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La Gloria Cubana Minuto
"Fantastic short smoke"
These have all the delectable flavor of the larger cigars in a small package. They are an obvious choice for a 15 minute smoke if you love Gloria.
Andrew in NYC August 2, 2012
La Gloria Cubana (DR) Glorias Extra
"Great when they are smoke-able, but most are NOT"
I have been buying LaGloria Cubana Glorias Extra for a few years now. When they are smoke-able, they are fantastic. My problem is, over the last couple of years, out of a box of 25, on average only 10 to 14 of them have been smoke-able. The others have had a HORRIBLY PLUGGED DRAW. My most recent box contained 13 COMPLETELY UNSMOKE-ABLE cigars. I even bought a "Draw Poker" to try to salvage the plugged ones, but most of them are so horribly plugged even the DP can't make them smoke-able. Sadly, I am at my whit's end with these cigars, and am now searching for a suitable replacement. With regrets, the detail ratings I selected for this cigar pertain to the PLUGGED cigars, as they have out-numbered the non-PLUGGED cigars in my orders for the last year or so.
Steve in Louisiana July 1, 2012
La Gloria Cubana (DR) Double Corona
"OH YEA ! old school dominican cigar here"
bought this air tight, always fresh 5 pack from famous, the aroma when i opened the pack had fresh all over it, lit one up right a way,great cigar these things are a 92-94 easy. burn,draw,aroma all great, earthy taste, and construction all there, these are a great buy at $22 for 5. I went with the smaller ring churchill for a change but this, almost 8 inch long cigar made it well worth em
russell in brigantine,nj June 23, 2012
La Gloria Cubana (DR) Charlemagne
"Wow... I am impressed... Wow"
wow, just add a bit of smoothness and this is a fuente. Great cigar has a taste and aroma all its own. burn, draw, construction, and consistency all there. I cant figure the 85 rating. i am thinking low 90s at least, again GREAT med. maduro. I will buy these again, no question
Russell in Brigantine, NJ June 7, 2012
La Gloria Cubana (DR) Corona Gorda
"Creamy and spicy!"
I've smoked cigars on and off for years, knowing that working men can hardly afford quality, especially in good cigars. But when I tried Cubana I would light one with one if I could! I'd love to work there & roll 'em & smoke 'em all day!
Greg in Hattiesburg, Mississippi January 30, 2012
La Gloria Cubana (DR) Wavell
"Darn near perfect burn everytime"
I love this cigar. Burns slowly so the size gives a nice long smoke. The burn on these cigars is always almost perfect with a beautiful grey ash. The draw is also great. This is my regular alternate cigar. I love them.
Marc in Durango January 17, 2012
La Gloria Cubana (DR) Wavell
"One of the Best"
A must try cigar, one of the best out there!! I always have at least 5 of these in my humidor, never let me down in flavor construction or consistency!! If you have never tried one of these your missing out on one of the best cigars of all time.
Brian in North Dakota October 8, 2011
La Gloria Cubana (DR) Wavell
"An all-time favorite"
This is an excellent cigar. The draw is easy and the ash is snowy white. The taste is very nice with a bit of a cedar finish. This cigar has a very appealing aroma. I highly recommend this cigar.
Sketch in Connecticut February 21, 2011
La Gloria Cubana (DR) Charlemagne
"Good Stuff"
I have been smoking the Avo #3's for ever because of it's smooth unitarily uninhibited taste and draw...They became to pricey...The Charlemagne Natural is my new Valentine...MB
michael batch in reno nevada February 1, 2011
La Gloria Cubana (DR) Wavell
"Great value and taste, occasional draw issues"
My house cigar that rarely disappoints. Occasionally, I have to open up the cigar with an icepick to get a reasonable draw. The flavor is consistently excellent.
John in Charleston, SC November 26, 2010
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