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La Gloria Cubana (DR) Corona Gorda Reviews [view details]

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"Creamy and spicy!"
I've smoked cigars on and off for years, knowing that working men can hardly afford quality, especially in good cigars. But when I tried Cubana I would light one with one if I could! I'd love to work there & roll 'em & smoke 'em all day!
Greg in Hattiesburg, Mississippi January 30, 2012
"Not at all worth the money!!"
One of the worst cigars that I've tried. Major disappointment: burned very hot, poor construction, wrappers splitting and falling off, aroma like hot roofing tar, no distinguishable flavor, ugly aftertaste. Overall, not satisfied at all.
Casarez in Inglewood, CA December 23, 2009
"Awesome Cigar"
Amazing cigar, I just bought my third box and it is by far the best cigar I've smoked. I've purchased $16 Cohiba black cigars and they were not nearly as good.
Jason in Columbus February 15, 2009
"Not So Much"
Purchased the Wavells and can't get enough of them, GREAT Product. Wanted to try the Corona Gorda and bought a box. Out of the 5 I've smoked, 3 have had wrappers split after I lit them. The draw was weak and difficult to keep going. Wish I could get a refund. Love the Wavells, the Gordas...not so much!
Terry in Florida April 28, 2008
I had one of these after dinner on a Saturday night. I had smoked a Sancho Panza Double Maduro earlier in the day. To be perfectly honest, I would have a very hard time telling the difference between the two as far as flavor goes. It was not a bad cigar by any means; it's just that it was surprisingly similar in taste to the lower priced cigar.
Brian in Kentucky January 6, 2008
"Not Bad..."
The Corona Gorda is a relatively medium bodied cigar that has a very peppery, almost Jalopeno, character with the initial light-up that mellows out quickly to a floral foundation laced with flavors of cream, leather, coffe earth and spice. It has a very loose draw with mouthfuls of smoke and hints of orange peel. The finish was short and clean with hints of cream, leather and earth. A nice mellow smoke leaving a bit of a zing and an intoxicating after effect that was most displeasing. I prefer something with a tighter draw and a little more strength and body and doesn't leave me feeling loaded, but this isn't bad.
Brian White in Vallejo, CA July 13, 2005
Sheer enjoyment, I just love these! Perfect fit in the hand, smooth warm shiney wrapper, and it really smells like a winner. Toast up the foot, mmm boy, smooth with a nice dash of spice. Burns razor sharp right down to the nub even before you realize your fingers are getting blistered! If you haven't tried one yet, DO IT! You won't be sorry
MEjax in All over! May 27, 2005
"Great Cigar! Even better Price!"
The cigar looked very nice and gave the appearance that the construction was good to excellent. They appeared to already have a bit of age on them (at least based on what other people use to judge by) the cellophane was slightly yellow. I brought them home and threw them in my humidor to age them a bit. Well, I got impatient and since I had never had one decided tonight was the perfect opportunity, given that my wife is out of town on a business trip in Chicago. I accompanied the cigar with a Cafe Latte from a local coffe shop, nothing special, but it was the first time I have drank coffe with a cigar and I have to say I REALLY enjoyed it. Definately will have to try that more often. Anyway, When I removed the band I noticed a small flaw in the construction, a hole. Oh well, I proceeded to cut the cap which was very nicely done. It cut smoother than most others. Could be that I just sharpened my cutter! This cigar was easy to light and took off like a champ. At first I was using my finger to cover the hole, which turned out to be quite distracting. So, I took a small piece of the cap and covered it with that. BTW, anyone know the recipe for vegetable glue? I used spit and it worked OK but took several rewettings throughout the smoke. Not something I would cherish doing in public! The ash was firm and white for the first half of the cigar darkening during the second half. The construction turned out to be pretty good. I noticed the binding and filler were rolled slightly tighter to one side of the cigar causing some uneveness for the first half but nothing major. This cleared up nicely during the last half of the cigar. The flavor was medium the first half being milder, as most of my experiences have been, with the last half showing much more flavor. I smoked this guy to the last inch and enjoyed it very much. It was a quick cigar for it's size, about an hour and 15 minutes. I tend to be able to smoke a roBUSTo for an hour so, this seemed a little quick. All in all a very enjoyable smoke even with the minor construction issues. I am hoping the second one is made a little better. I will let it age a while. For ~$3 a stick this will definately be a regular in my humidor.
Chris Gripp in Foothill Ranch, CA April 29, 2001
"Can't go wrong"
The La Gloria brand of cigars smoke anywhere from incredable in taste,construction,and burn to never worse than damn good. Never hesitate to recommend them to strangers.
Dennis Fela in Pittsburgh January 3, 2001
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