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La Gloria Cubana (DR) Soberano Reviews [view details]

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"Nothing special"
I liked the length, it's a long smoke, however the flavor was nothing special. Not too complex. I would catagorize this one as a "beginner". The experienced smoker may find this bland.
B. Dunn in CA April 29, 2007
"have been better"
I don't know why, but of late the quality of the La Gloria cigars seems to be in need of revamping. I have smoked these cigars for awhile now,seems the taste and construction has given way to production increase, and not for the quality we used to enjoy. Too bad, they used to be real Quality.
Chuck Bartels in Illinois December 17, 2006
"A powerhouse of flavors!"
The soberano is one humongous cigar. Allow about two hours to savor all of its flavors. Intense and full bodied, it is best enjoyed after a full meal.
Barry Lilly in Oregon October 10, 1999
Customer Ratings

10 Burn (86) 100
Poor Burn Rating Excellent

10 Consistency (86) 100
Poor Consistency Rating Excellent

10 Draw (89) 100
Poor Draw Rating Excellent

10 Appearance (88) 100
Poor Appearance Rating Excellent

10 Taste (92) 100
Poor Taste Rating Excellent

10 Construction (88) 100
Poor Construction Rating Excellent

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