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La Gloria Cubana (DR) Torpedo Reviews [view details]

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"A true standard in the cigar world!"
For me, a seasoned cigar smoker, I found that Cubànas always delivered the outstanding product. The maduros torpedoes are the standard from which I measure all others. Deep, rich, satisfying flavors that are consistent throughout the slow-burning beauty. Yes they are not cheap nor am I rich but life is short!
Dr. Greg B. in Hattiesburg, MS October 23, 2013
"Very good sick worth the $$"
This cigar began strong and delivered at both ends. Will definetly be on my re-order list. Well made, great flavor and rolled to perfection. Excellent draw and delightful aroma.
Mark L. in Goshen, N.Y. October 4, 2012
"Total Disapointment"
I totally agree with Hornbeck. Won't stay lit doesn't burn even, harsh smell and taste. The cigar actually split up the middle. I have been buying 5 packs to find a regular smoke. I had to toss the first 2 I tried so I am stuck with 3 awful sticks
Tom in Chicago Il August 12, 2012
"roofing tar"
Major disappointment: burned very hot, poorly constructed, wrappers splitting and falling off, aroma like hot roofing tar, no distinguishable flavor, ugly aftertaste. Ernesto, you can most certainly do better than this.
hornbeck in california November 3, 2009
"Just my kind!"
Got with a sampler and am VERY pleased with it. Medium/Mild with very nice nose effect. Still a rookie at this, but I know what I like, and this is one of them!
Ed M. in Round Oak July 3, 2009
"fine after dinner cigar"
La Gloria has made a nice blend of tobacco. Well handcrafted cigar.
Rich in Oklahoma May 21, 2008
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10 Burn (83) 100
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10 Consistency (85) 100
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10 Draw (87) 100
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10 Appearance (92) 100
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10 Taste (92) 100
Poor Taste Rating Excellent

10 Construction (91) 100
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