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La Gloria Cubana (DR) Wavell Reviews [view details]

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"She's got great personality (but man, she's ugly)"
This may not be the prettiest cigar in my humidor, but it is a great smoke! Good mouthful of flavor right from the start and a slight sweetness in the finish. The only problem I have with them is the HEAT. In the final third they get so hot that you have to be careful how you hold them (hot end up or risk a burned finger) but that never equates to a hot smoke, strangely enough. If you can ignore her looks, Gloria will give you a pleasant afternoon.
Sal in Atlanta September 21, 2010
WOW is all I can say! I'm a maduro freak, for the price Bahia maduro has been my choice 29.99 on competitors sight. Have tried several maduros out there and these are the bomb!!!!!!! Auction price makes them my new goto!!!! excellent even burn, flavor is so outrageous , smooth and consistent! There are definitely STRONGER maduros out there, but this one is YUMMY all the way to the nub!
tom in brunswick, ga May 4, 2010
"Great taste-Inconsistent Draw"
I buy a handful of these every now and again and am surprised that quality control hasn't changed the construction of these cigars. The taste is among the best for a medium bodied cigar but about half of them are so tightly rolled that they are a workout to smoke. If I ever buy a five pack that has a consistent draw, I will probably buy a box because I like the taste so much.
Dan in Texas February 13, 2010
Had a headache for two days. Poor burn also.
Andy in Alabama February 8, 2010
"A very nice smoke"
In spite of the dark wrapper, this cigar will not overpower you, but will give you a very nice smoke. The price on these here at the auctioneer & famous smoke shop are far cheaper than I can buy locally.
John C. in Mission Viejo, CA December 2, 2009
"Great full body smoke"
Great offering from La Gloria Cubana, Very strong flavor (which I like) might be a little too strong for a new smoker. If your a fan of CAO mx2 or lx2 give these a shot your sure to love them.
Jason in Massachusetts June 6, 2009
"Excellent Smoke; One of My Favorite"
Tried a lot of cigars and this one is right up there at the top; if not the best !!
Edward in Kentucky March 20, 2009
"Good smoke at a very good price"
Smoked a couple of these Wavells from a recent order, last night at a bar, and I would call them "good", not very good or excellent. Certainly pleasant enough, it has some flavor, a little nutty, medium-full, draws pretty well, very good construction. It's the kind of cigar to have when you're doing something, party or at a bar, but if you're having an after-dinner or quiet evening smoke, there are other & better cigars with more character and smoothness. I rate it a 7, similar to a basic Romeo Julietta, or H.Upmann.
Jim in Longwood July 11, 2008
"A fine cigar"
This is a really fine smoke. Don't let the deep dark maduro wrapper scare you off if you're used to a mild smoke. This version delivers a rich, full bodied, nutty taste and is never harsh. Smokes great from the first puff to the last and ends very nicely. A well made stick that burns evenly and holds a long ash, however they will get bitter fast if you re-light again and again or if you try to rush it. Good with coffee or a nice brew, I usually save them for after dinner. I taste a bit of leather and coffee in the smoke and it's pretty complex. I prefer these to the La Gloria DR version which seems to have become inconsistent in construction and flavor.
Manny Gomez in NV February 25, 2008
"Getting worse by the year"
I purchase this cigar regularly and they are getting worse. More than half in the last box were so tight that they were unsmokable. The burn is not consistent either. Very disappointing & time to change.
MR in New York April 25, 2007
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10 Construction (86) 100
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