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La Gloria Cubana (DR) Wavell Reviews [view details]

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"An underrated cigar!"
This may be the most underrated cigar on the market. The Wavell provides a bold flavor, and a surprisingly long smoke. I always keep a supply of Wavells in my humidor.
Leigh in Central Illinois July 13, 2014
"i may need to let these cure some"
Ordered a 5 pack and smoked one straight off the truck. I like how mild it is but it also was slight in taste. Quite possibly i m thinking stow them in the humidor before i smoke the next one.
Mike R. in Charlotte, NC June 4, 2014
Wow, bold and rich taste. The burn is great. Good grey/white ask. Good draw. This is an awesome cigar.
JDC in Los Angeles April 17, 2013
awesome cigar.... would smoke this one every day!!!
Shane in Charleston SC December 20, 2012
"Darn near perfect burn everytime"
I love this cigar. Burns slowly so the size gives a nice long smoke. The burn on these cigars is always almost perfect with a beautiful grey ash. The draw is also great. This is my regular alternate cigar. I love them.
Marc in Durango January 17, 2012
"One of the Best"
A must try cigar, one of the best out there!! I always have at least 5 of these in my humidor, never let me down in flavor construction or consistency!! If you have never tried one of these your missing out on one of the best cigars of all time.
Brian in North Dakota October 8, 2011
"An all-time favorite"
This is an excellent cigar. The draw is easy and the ash is snowy white. The taste is very nice with a bit of a cedar finish. This cigar has a very appealing aroma. I highly recommend this cigar.
Sketch in Connecticut February 21, 2011
"Great value and taste, occasional draw issues"
My house cigar that rarely disappoints. Occasionally, I have to open up the cigar with an icepick to get a reasonable draw. The flavor is consistently excellent.
John in Charleston, SC November 26, 2010
Had my first of the five stick sampler tonight and very surpised how well it smoked. Nice ash to the wrapper, burned well a little flaky. The draw was a little rough but not bad as others I have smoked.. Overall a good daily stick for the price.
Kali in Florida July 5, 2010
"A Good Daily Cigar"
Reasonably priced, generally well-made. A good,solid cigar.
Ken in Utah March 15, 2010
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10 Burn (81) 100
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10 Consistency (81) 100
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10 Draw (83) 100
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10 Appearance (82) 100
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10 Taste (84) 100
Poor Taste Rating Excellent

10 Construction (82) 100
Poor Construction Rating Excellent

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