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La Gloria Cubana Gilded Age Reviews

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La Gloria Gilded Age Test Fl.
"Gilded Age Passes Test"
I like to try test flight cigars for the value and for the adventure of discovering a new favorite. The Gilded Age passed the test on both counts; smooth and flavorful, and worthy enough to have another go-around.
Mark in Bellingham, WA January 27, 2014
La Gloria Cubana Gilded Age Robusto
"Worth A Try"
This is a good tasting cigar.
critterman5719 in Virginia November 29, 2013
La Gloria Cubana Gilded Age Churchill
"Skewed Rating"
The 73 rating on the Gilded Age Churchill is skewed because of a small sample of raters, one of which literally skewered the cigar. I found the Churchill as fine a stick as the Toro, which I received free with three different orders. I subsequently ordered the Test Flight, and found that the Robusto and Magnum round out a magnificent family of smokes. A box of Magnums is in transit as I write this. GET SOME!!!
Richard in Maine October 21, 2013
La Gloria Cubana Gilded Age Robusto
"Terrible wrapper"
Loved everything but the wrapper. Bought 3 and all had wrapper issues when I opened the delivery package, to the point where the wrappers practically fell off the bottom 1/3 of the cigars!Draw was a little tight and th eburn was bad. Taste was great.Would try these again to see if I encountered wrapper issues again.
B Best in Windsor On October 5, 2013
La Gloria Cubana Gilded Age Churchill
"An impressive smoke if you're looking for leather"
I have been around long enough to remember the Miami-made La Gloria Churchills and their robust leathery smoke that often got compliments from passers-by. More recently, they have taken on a different character overall and I've been trying to find that flavor again. La Gloria Gilded Age Cigars meet that goal with some surprises of their own. Nicely constructed with an even draw, the first flavor to hit the palate is rich scent- it's hard to describe easily, but it's something akin to a new-car smell and even a bit of gunpowder! As the cigar draws down, a very clear leather note emerges and stays for the ride, all the way down to the end. Overall, very nice burn, medium to medium-strong bodied and complex. It's my new special occasion smoke.
Thomas in Tallahassee, FL September 30, 2013
La Gloria Cubana Gilded Age Robusto
"somewhat disappointed"
constructed well, burned well however draw was tight , and the taste was not smooth, almost stale. not extremely disappointed but i won't re-order
joe in ny September 30, 2013
La Gloria Cubana Gilded Age Toro
"Rich, flavorful, perfect"
Now I know what to smoke on the deck of my yacht. Now, I just need to find a yacht. A rich man's cigar, or one for those who just want to feel rich. There is nothing negative to report: construction, consistency, draw, burn are impeccable. And like the add says: immensely flavorful.
David in Indiana September 28, 2013
La Gloria Cubana Gilded Age Magnum
"Not Bad"
Excellent draw, tons of smoke, but really flaky ash. Fairly even burn. Medium body.
Steve in Columbia, SC September 22, 2013
La Gloria Cubana Gilded Age Churchill
"Gilded Age = Awesome"
Nice, Flavorful La Gloria. A solid Medium smoke. I gotta get me some more! enjoy
mmk in Chicago September 15, 2013
La Gloria Cubana Gilded Age Robusto
"Rich, Creamy and Full of Flavor"
Fantastic stick. Slow burning and full of flavor, this la Gloria really impressed me. The chocolate leather and creamy notes came on full force in the beginning but mellowed out by the middle of the cigar. By the, the nub was neither excessively hot nor was it overly harsh on the palate. Left me wanting more. The next day I still had the flavors on my palate as well as in my mind. I'm coming back for more of these.
Lawrence in Scituate, RI September 11, 2013
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