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La Gloria Cubana Gilded Age Toro Reviews [view details]

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Everything a cigar should be. Full and flavorful, but not overpowering or harsh. Excellent construction and burn. Wonderful right down to the nub.
Jake the Muss in Cleveland, OH August 8, 2014
"What I've Been Looking For"
I'm a cigar smoker for 30 years. The Gilded Age line are all excellent cigars but for me the toros are the best. This is my everyday cigar that I've been looking for all these years. A warning to Samous Smoke. Don't jack the price, they're priced just where they should be.
J D in East Texas February 2, 2014
"Rich, flavorful, perfect"
Now I know what to smoke on the deck of my yacht. Now, I just need to find a yacht. A rich man's cigar, or one for those who just want to feel rich. There is nothing negative to report: construction, consistency, draw, burn are impeccable. And like the add says: immensely flavorful.
David in Indiana September 28, 2013
I started with the robusto and thought that was an outstanding cigar. But,I'm smoking a toro and it's even better.For me, this is almost a perfect cigar. Just smell it before you even light it, it's beautiful.It's so much more pleasurable after you light it. I just really love this blend, Everything is good about this cigar, for me. For the price, I don't think there is a better cigar available at this time. I'll keep trying to find one though.
Chris in Wethersfield, ct August 16, 2013
"Pleasantly Surprised!"
Given how hard these have been promoted, I was dubious. Wrong! Lovely tea, leaves, and woody character, a touch of anise. Great hand and burn, nice medium+ body. Definitely daily smoke-worthy. Easy 90.
Sam in NorCal August 13, 2013
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