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La Gloria Cubana Miami Reviews

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La Gloria Cubana Miami Soberano
"not your typical La Gloria"
La Gloria brand has been my go to for some time...but I could pass on this one. Plan on putting these in your humidor for a long time. Being a La Gloria Churchill fan I am not used to relighting an exploded uneven burning varied flavored cigar. Waste of money.
Cuz in new jersey July 24, 2014
La Gloria Cubana Miami Soberano
don t wait your money
andys in burbank July 19, 2014
La Gloria Cubana Miami Soberano
"Always a reason for SALE price"
Can t believe it but these were terrible. Every cigar from the same box was disappointing in a different way some spongy some harsh ...
Joe in Texas July 15, 2014
La Gloria Cubana Miami Churchill
"great cigar, great price"
Good Cigar, Better at this price. worth the money.
Chuck in Diamond,Il June 29, 2014
La Gloria Cubana (Miami) Wavell
What a huge disappointment. Tried my first box of these and will never buy them again. Mediocre taste at best and a terrible burn. Soft, mushy construction. Reminds me of what it would be like to smoke a roll of paper towels.
Chuck in Diamond,Il June 29, 2014 November 23, 2010
La Gloria Cubana Miami Corona Gorda
I bought a box after having smoked many singles, and it was a terrible box of smokes: poor construction, bad burn and disappointing flavor. No more La Gloria Miami Corona Gorda.
Jay M. in Virginia November 30, 2009
La Gloria Cubana Miami Corona Gorda
"Must have been a bad box"
I just got a box of these Miami-made La Gloria Corona Gordas from Famous about 2 weeks ago. So far I've smoked 5 of them and they've all had some sort of problem, particularly in terms of construction: very loose middle core (the the middle burns about 3x as fast as the rest), uneven burning, plugs, etc. The aroma and taste are still outstanding, but I think a new roller must have made the box I got. I realize you need to expect this sort of thing from time to time with hand-made smokes... but so far this box is batting .000 after the first 5 attempts.
Greg in North Dakota October 19, 2009
La Gloria Cubana Miami Wavell
Wish I could afford to smoke these all the time. A great treat.
Dr. CA Yooper in SoCal - N.B. April 20, 2009
La Gloria Cubana Miami Corona Gorda
"Not Bad"
I have tried so many different cigars. Me and a friend split a box of these. He's really not the cigar buff. He said he didn't care for them. He didn't know what he was talking about. I like these. Nice draw and flavor, not to keen on the after taste but not to bad for the price. I'd try these any day, but you'll have to fight me over a Padron
Ron in Cali February 9, 2009
La Gloria Cubana (Miami) Wavell
"Great Taste....Poor Burn"
One of the best tasting cigars I've had. My only complaints are the burn and the draw. This cigar's burn can take on a life of it's own, while the draw varies greatly from cigar to cigar. Even with the flaws, this is one great tasting cigar that I will always have on hand.
Roger in Orlando January 30, 2009
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