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La Gloria Cubana Reserva Figurados Reviews

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La Gloria Cubana Reserva Figurados Selectos de Lujos
"worth every cent"
very nice smoke,well worth the money.will smoke two and save three for next year,(maybe) only problem was one cigar was cracking so had to light it up.
Dave Murphy in australia October 6, 2006
La Gloria Reserva Fig Regalias
"Cosmic missile invades my humidor"
This dark-matter beauty is so thick, so rich, so creamy it almost knocked me out of orbit. Construction flawless and tight. Superb draw leaves opaque nebular clouds of smoke. Tastes of leather, nuts, coffee create a supernova of flavor. Burn can be uneven a bit, this stick smokes best slightly dryer than 70/70. Leave it out the day before. I focus in at 90+
Brewster in Los Angeles, CA August 12, 2006
La Gloria Reserva Fig Regalias
I have known Ernesto Carillo for about 25+ years, and used to visit him in his shop in Miami's Little Havana. I have always been impressed with his dedication and his cigars. This one TOPS THEM ALL! About as close to his homeland's cigars as you can get! Reminds me of a Cohiba Limited Edicion Sublima in many ways. I'd like to age them another year or so but I can't keep my cotton-pickin' hands off them. Not necessarily for the beginner, however. Bravo, Ernesto, bravo!!!
Tom W. in Newburgh, IN July 9, 2006
La Gloria Cubana Reserva Figurados Felicias
"La gloria reserve figurado felicias maduro"
I like la glorias, so when I saw one of these babies I had to try it, the guy at the counter said that I would really enjoy it... and well it is now my favorite cigar. It emits a moderate amount of smoke it's creamy, spicy, and chocolatey all at the same time. The burn was a little uneven but the great taste eclipses any burning problems. I nub them every time, and always have to sit down afterwards. A great looking and tasting cigar that you should try(in maduro).
Steven in Virginia April 20, 2006
La Gloria Cubana Reserva Figurados Felicias
"La Gloria Cubana Reserva Figurados Felicias 5 Pack"
I'm a huge fan of Ernesto Carillo. The El Rico Habano Rico Club Maduro is my favorite. These little babies are creepin' up to my #2 favorite smoke. This is a great smoke in a small package. Full-bodied, nutty, creamy! Great lunch time smoke! Must try if ya like the maduro thing!
Stevie C in California March 6, 2006
La Gloria Cubana Reserva Figurados Felicias
"great tast but bad burn"
Nice looking cigar but 2 out of 3 burned badly out of a box of 20. Great tast but bad burn
Tony in So Cal March 5, 2006
La Gloria Reserva Fig Piramide
"The real thing"
One of the best smokes ever! This cigar is superb from start to finish. The closest thing you can get to a real cuban. Beautiful blend, very complex, smooth and creamy. This cigar leads you to believe it's a mild smoke but it is anything but mild. Worth every penny.
Scott in Austin, Texas November 18, 2005
La Gloria Cubana Reserva Figurados Selectos de Lujos
"LGC Reserva Figurado Selectos de Lujos"
I've had three of these so far, and am amazed at the consistency of them. Very attractive, solidly made, very few visible veins. The smoking is so smooth and "bite" free, one can easily be lulled into thinking this is a mild cigar. I would consider it to be a medium strength, with very smooth oak and leather flavors. Very nice, indeed, with the only possible flaw being a lack of variation, or complexity? It's just smooth and consistent throughout.
Drew P in Allen, Texas November 8, 2005
La Gloria Cubana Reserva Figurados Flechas Especiales
"Purely hypnotic"
This is one of the finest pieces of cigar artistry made today. A purely hypnotic stick. Creamy and nutty with tons of chewy smoke. An ever changing dense flavor repertoire that will keep you mesmerized. If you never have another cigar, then you must try this one before your time is up. It's that good!
D.B. in Chicago, IL June 2, 2005
La Gloria Cubana Reserva Figurados Selectos de Lujos
"A Great Cigar"
This is a great cigar and if you are a fan of La Glorias you must try this cigar. The burn was perfect as was the smell and taste. Light peper with hints of vanilla and cream. Very happy with this smoke and the shape is cool.
Bill in Connecticut April 20, 2005
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