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La Gloria Cubana Serie N Glorioso Reviews [view details]

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"Great Smoke"
Fantastic cigar from start to finish. Save at least an hour to savor this thing. Fantastic slight bitterness to it and just a nice thick, oily beast. Great draw, mostly even burn on the sticks I've smoked. Rivals the Series R cigars quite nicely.
Brad in Honolulu, HI December 5, 2014
"Great Smoke"
I ordered a 5 pack just because I had seen mixed reviews on other sites. I wished I would have ordered a couple of boxes! This smoke had so many flavors and was not harsh but it did kick my butt and I am a full bodied smoker. No draw problems or uneven burns. It has more flavor than the Series R but it is a different flavor, I am really torn which I like best....
Todd in Indiana July 18, 2014
"Smooth as Silk!"
Never thought such a dark and ugly cigar could be so rich and smooth. Simply a terrific smoke.
TommyK in York, Pa July 19, 2013
"Damn Fine"
Very good flavor, with some spice and flair. Excellent choice overall, very impressed.
Sam in Wyoming January 21, 2013
The flavor just keeps coming and coming. I'd give the taste at least a 94.
Towboat Joe in Magnolia TX December 17, 2012
"I;m a Lucky Man!"
My favorite cigar and I can buy it from Famous for less than $100 per box! Fifth box orderd today.
Orion in South Carolina October 23, 2012
"Wow great smoke"
I am a newbie only been smoking fine cigars for the last couple years and I must say this is a great smoke. I typically lean towards the sweeter less harsh cigars out there. This one is a must buy for me. Mild flavor not overbearing and smooth to the end!
Jeremiah in California August 7, 2012
"yup....this is a 95"
yes this is a full maduro.. kind of reminds me of partagas black lable dark oily wrapper, well constructed, but little less strong.Hay this cigar had the best burn of any cigar i've ever smoked , perfect blazing, lots of smoke, you will need 2 hours plus for this baby, but all in all a very good FULL maduro smoke.
russell in brigantine,nj June 7, 2012
"My New Favorite"
Well! I wasn't expecting this one; I'd tried the Robusto, such a delicious looking cigar, but unimperessive. Then two of these in a Build-your-own Famous Cigars sampler (nobody else does this!), and I was amazed. An ongoing slight peppery taste, a come & go bit of leather, some fruitiness in the last third off & on, and delicious wood, peat...but most of all, as it should be, the best tasting tobacco around, sweet as the day is long. Keep those Gloriosos coming!
Barak E in Long Island. New York January 19, 2012
"Very Tasty"
At first a real tight draw,but as it burned down the taste got better.Will buy again
Redglobe in Illinois November 28, 2011
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10 Burn (94) 100
Poor Burn Rating Excellent

10 Consistency (93) 100
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10 Draw (89) 100
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10 Taste (94) 100
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10 Construction (94) 100
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