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La Gloria Cubana Serie N JSB Reviews [view details]

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"One of my favorites"
Great smoke, never had an issue with draw (use a cutter), on my 3rd box now; has become one of my standard options in the humidor
Larry in San Jose, CA July 30, 2013
"Too Tight, Too Bad"
Love the flavor, aroma, etc...to bad more than half the box was not smokable because they are rolled too damn tight. What a shame that a great smoke is reduced to crap just because the rollers suck...otherwise I'd have a box in my humi all the time.
Zulu in Los Angeles August 18, 2012
"very good"
This is excellent for the money. Either they figured out the draw issue or I got a good one. Still prefer the R but will stock these also.
in June 6, 2012
I agree with previous writers that they are rolled too tight. Also many of they canoe as they burn down. It is a challenge to keep them lit.The Glorioso is a much better smoke.
"Great smoke"
I disagree with some of the guys who say this cigar is wound a little tight. I've smoked 3 boxes and found just the opposite. The shorter ver. of the serie N have more flavor in my opinion. You have to smoke almost half of these cigars before the best aromas and taste appear. My opinion is that this an above average medium flavor cigar not quite as flavorful as the serie R.
Marc in Durango January 17, 2012
"Great Smoke"
Tom - shut it! Learn how to cut and enjoy a real smoke. Great cigar. Great Flavor. Great Draw. Nice and slow, just how a full flavor cigar should be.
Big John in Virginia August 24, 2011
"I agree with Tom"
I 've only had my first and the draw was a bit tight for me too- but gave it the Draw Poke and it drew just fine. Now having that out of the way I must say congradulations La Gloria-that is one of the best maduros I think I've ever had.Excellent taste,excellent aroma,beautiful oily black appearance,white ash-what a great cigar all the way down to the nub,boys.A little looser on the roll,fellas, and you will have a complete firecracker on your hands.Follow up to this after I've had a few more...
in May 22, 2011
"2 out of 3 had terrible draw"
Smoked 3 so far, 2 were rolled so tightly I could barely draw. We'll see how the rest goes.
Tom in New York March 28, 2011
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10 Construction (77) 100
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