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La Gloria Cubana Serie R Black Reviews

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LGC Serie R Black #60
"Not Real Good"
Not that great. Look very nice, feel nice but the burn was uneven, took several touch ups. I let them sit for a few more weeks, same. Draw is tight, burn is uneven on each gar with touch ups required often. Taste is so so, not great but not horrible.
Mitchell in Ohio February 9, 2015
LGC Serie R Black #58
"Really Great Medium to Full Flavor Cigar"
This is truly a GREAT cigar! It is best to leave these babes in the ole humidor for awhile; by doing this you improve draw and burn. The flavor is incredibly well rounded and lives up to its creator's claim. There is a great cooling ash that develops as a nice aroma fills the air, even my wife loves the aroma! Long-lasting and inviting down to the nub. This is a "Sure Thing" leaving no doubt that you have gotten your hands on a great smoke!
David in Dallas, TX October 6, 2014
LGC Serie R Black #60
"Wow, what a great smoke!"
This is a really good cigar. Large, robust, good ash, great flavor and smoke. Its constant from beginning to end and has become my end of day go to cigar. Beautiful wrapper and just a really well made cigar. You will not be unhappy with these
Jason in Newnan, GA April 25, 2014
LGC Serie R Black #64
"Excellent but tight draw"
Love the full flavor and excellent burn. A very big fat cigar but seem packed a bit tight so draw is poor. It is a good all day cigar!
Bret in Idaho March 19, 2014
LGC Serie R Black #58
"Great 2 hr Cigar"
Great 2 hr Cigar.
tablowers in fl January 18, 2014
LGC Serie R Black #60
"La Gloria Cabana series R madura"
I ordered two boxes of these cigars and upon receipt, I found that the cigars were the worst, very worst cigars I have ever smoked. they we very nicely presented,a beautiful oily, apparently well made cigar, but once lit, they were very bitter to the taste, did not burn evenly, and were on the whole, the worst cigar I have ever smoked. I am not one to send them back so I left the other box for a month in order to see if they would improve with a little of down time. NO they did not. I am very disappointed in LGC in putting such trash on the market as I have always enjoyed LGC in the past. Such a bad cigar should be banned from their great name.
william r mauldin in Spice Please enter awood texas January 15, 2014
LGC Serie R Black #60
"Really not good!"
Sadly they fell short of a premium cigar. Bitter taste with plastic overtones. Hard to get a puff from this cigar, it's rolled too tight with many plugs and gaps. Heats up too fast and goes out often. A true struggle to smoke, can t really be enjoyed. Very mild and nowhere near full bodied. I feel as though its a gimmick to bring newness back to a failing brand. All 18 cigars had the same issues! Too bad!
RC in Baltimore January 1, 2014
LGC Serie R Black #64
"Excellent Cigar"
Excellent Cigar
Winston in Boston MA December 11, 2013
LGC Serie R Black #60
"Medium Bodied Natural Sweetness"
This cigar is a medium bodied cigar that displays a mild sweetness of raisins. The smoke is slightly airy and the draw is somewhat firm for my liking. It starts out with a notes of leather and dry tobacco and transitions into a slight nuttiness with the natural sweetness being consistent. Medium oily finish. Overall smooth with pepper notes only in the first 1/4.
Phillip in Colorado December 8, 2013
LGC Serie R Black #64
"Good Cigar"
Impressive from start to finish. One of the best cigars I have ever smoked. Well constructed with an excellent burn. Good cigar to have in the humidor...
Jeff in CT December 1, 2013
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