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La Gloria Cubana Serie R Reviews

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La Gloria Cubana Serie R #4
"Amazing wrapper, ok filler"
Best Maduro wrapper ever! I never chew tobacco, but I could smell and masticate this smoky goodness all day. The stogie at large wasn t unfortunately as exciting. Burn wasn t very easygoing, and the filler flavor was just ok. 88-89 points
Stefan in City by the Bay February 18, 2014
La Gloria Cubana Serie R #5
When I lit the foot, I got a powerful, zesty note of chili powder. Upon lighting, that all changed to more of a smell of being inside a very old tree. It is a very earthy cigar with notes of oak, maybe a little bit on the dead side (in a good way!), every once in awhile I got that zesty hit. I tend to french inhale every 10 hits or so as to enjoy the full spectrum of smells and tastes. I also got notes of roasted chestnuts and a hit of dark chocolate. it showed some resistance with the draw at first. I decided to clip a hair more off the cap, and then it was perfect. It burned perfectly all the way to the last inch when I let it fade out. Oh, and I noted hints of leather through out the smoke. I received this stick with a sampler pack of 10 of assorted cigars, and let it rest in the humi for about 2 months. Its going on my list of cigars I plan on buying a box of in the future...for sure!
jeff in ohio September 15, 2013
La Gloria Cubana Serie R #6
"Great Smoke, absolute favorites"
Great burn, draw was perfect, easily one of my favorites, a go to stick when I want to enjoy a fine smoke.
William Davis in Fayetteville, NC September 11, 2013
La Gloria Cubana Serie R #6
"Absolutely Amazing"
Wow, absolutely amazing! Had it for eight months and smoked one today. Such a pleasant cigar, even though it as a full body, all throughout was a smooth and great tasting stogie.
alex September 7, 2013
La Gloria Cubana Serie R #5
Had this after work, great taste. The draw started a little tight but loosened up. Perfect burn, ash fell off in a clump even after my dog bit it. Need to put a few more in my humidor.
Jeff in Kennebunk June 22, 2013
La Gloria Cubana Serie R #6
"awesome cigar from start to finish very good smoke"
Awesome cigar better then I expected a must try for a cigar smoker with experience tho. Loved it.
cozzi916 in seattle December 5, 2012
La Gloria Cubana Serie R Belicoso
"Class act!"
Wonderfully rich complex flavor. Appearance, draw, burn...flawless.
Owen in Seattle December 2, 2012
La Gloria Cubana Serie R Belicoso
"Fantastic Cigar"
This cigar has no flaws. Great draw, even burn, smooth tasting...this is my "everyday" cigar and has been for since my first box over a year ago
Nick in Baltimore November 7, 2012
La Gloria Cubana Serie R #6
"great draw"
Wow, this cigar has the lightest draw of any cigar I have ever smoked. It has a very powerful punch as well.
Nick in Baltimore November 7, 2012 June 21, 2012
La Gloria Cubana Serie R Pequenos (5)
"Beautiful small cigars!"
I've already been a fan of La Gloria Cubana before, especially with their Serie R group, but man! I was so surprised with how well they smoked and how similar they seemed to be to their full size cigars. Most small cigars tend to have less variety and blend to their flavor than their larger counterparts, but these small cigars surprised me immediately when I lit my first one. It truly tasted like I was still smoking a full Serie R cigar, and the value that these Pequenos sell at (a bit less than $2 a cigar with the 50 pack) would make it seem like a steal. Wonderful construction, great consistency, the burn stayed relatively level, and like I'd already said, the taste made me immediately think I was smoking a full size LGC cigar. I'll certainly buy these again when I run out!
Mike F. in Dayton, OH February 16, 2012
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