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La Gloria Cubana Serie R Reviews

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La Gloria Cubana Serie R Pequenos (5)
"Beautiful small cigars!"
I've already been a fan of La Gloria Cubana before, especially with their Serie R group, but man! I was so surprised with how well they smoked and how similar they seemed to be to their full size cigars. Most small cigars tend to have less variety and blend to their flavor than their larger counterparts, but these small cigars surprised me immediately when I lit my first one. It truly tasted like I was still smoking a full Serie R cigar, and the value that these Pequenos sell at (a bit less than $2 a cigar with the 50 pack) would make it seem like a steal. Wonderful construction, great consistency, the burn stayed relatively level, and like I'd already said, the taste made me immediately think I was smoking a full size LGC cigar. I'll certainly buy these again when I run out!
Mike F. in Dayton, OH February 16, 2012
La Gloria Serie R #7
"Great Cigar but can come apart."
Great cigar, I really love this stick; this and the La Flor Dominicana are my faves but there are a lot of these gars that come apart. In My humble opinion, its better to keep your Humidor moist for these puppies. However, a moist,soft, and fresh one of these, is hard to beat.
Ken G in Wilsonville, Oregon January 24, 2012
La Gloria Cubana Serie R #5
"Very nice full of flavor"
Very nice construction, very nice burn LOTS of nice flavors, a must try if you like a full flavored cigar. I will be buying more!
Curtis in New York January 3, 2012
La Gloria Cubana Serie R #6
"Absolute Fantastic!"
This is my 2nd fav cigar next to the CAO MX2. Everything about it is to love: great looking, smelling, burning, and awesome full bodied taste.
Me in U.S. December 22, 2011
La Gloria Cubana Serie R #4
"A must try"
Started off with a tad peppery that blended into to a dark chocolate taste.A real nice even burn.Take your time and smoke this cigar it will be well worth it.I will buy these again.
Rob in Illinois December 17, 2011
La Gloria Serie R #7
"Great cigar"
This is a Great cigar. It's a full flavored, long lasting smoke that looks great, burns well and draws nicely. The maduro wrapper is a must on this one for sure. You'll love this one
Steve D in Parker, CO September 10, 2011
La Gloria Serie R #7
"An every day smoke"
The construction is good. I'd like to see a higher sheen on the wrapper. This cigar does not burn even at times. This is my go to stick after a bad day at "the office" with a glass of top shelf bourbon.
Big Moose in Lawrenceville, IL. August 30, 2011
La Gloria Cubana Serie R #6
"experience smokers ONLY!"
wow! beautiful smell. One of my top 5.
Raudel in Sun Valley, CA August 9, 2011
La Gloria Cubana Serie R Pequenos (5)
"Great Short Smoke"
I got a tin of properly humidified pequenos and they were just as good as the natural robustos I usually smoke. Great cigar!
John Paul in Laguna Niguel, CA April 11, 2011
La Gloria Serie R #7
"This stick delivers, with some disappointments."
This is one of my go to cigars, but with each stick I cross my fingers. The draw is sometimes hard and very seldom do I have one that smokes evenly. But, I love the taste and punch.
Vic in Los Angeles, Ca April 10, 2011
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