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La Gloria Cubana Serie R Reviews

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La Gloria Serie R #7
"My go to cigar"
When they are good, they are really good. When they are bad, they are dog rockets.
Joe in Philadelphia, MS February 11, 2011
La Gloria Cubana Serie R En Crystale
Just like the series R used to taste. Better than the boxed series R
Lou in Huntersvill NC January 4, 2011
La Gloria Cubana Serie R #6
"Excellent cigar"
Introduced my brother to this cigar at a lounge, with a bottle of cabernet sauvignon. Excellent cigar, excellent pairing. Great choice!
Edwards Bros. in Walnut Ca December 12, 2010
La Gloria Cubana Serie R #6
"A Piece of Heaven"
I've smoked cigars since 1998. I smoked my first with Meatloaf while on the set of a movie. I wasn't a smoker but I didn't want to say no. My first cigar was Churchill Cohiba. I loved it and was blessed with a wife who enjoyed the smell of a good cigar. I rapidly graduated to the bold Maduro's of Partagas and experimented with several brands. Then I found the La Gloria Series R6 and fell in love. It's a great smoke full of wonderful aromas. If I had to describe it it would say a spicy Oak with a bit of a nutty like taste. The wrapper is solid with a great oily touch. Most often they burn very even, but occasionally you do run across a side burn. For me the flavor is well worth the occasional off burn. The smoke is deep and rich. It is my standard humidor stock. I occasionally purchase others, but always return to my LGC R6's. I love them, but I've been told by friends that this cigar is not for the faint of heart. It's a smooth ride, but may be a little fast for some. Get's my vote as the humidor favorite for sure!
Bryan in Birmingham, AL November 17, 2010
La Gloria Cubana Serie R Belicoso
"Personal favorite"
One of my personal favorites. Never disappointed. Hard to find a flaw. High quality at an affordable price.
Kevin in Santa Cruz, CA September 26, 2010
La Gloria Cubana Serie R #6
"A Great, Strong Cigar"
I have never had a bad experience with this cigar. Whether I am on my patio, in the hottub, or on the golf course, it makes whatever I'm doing more enjoyable. It is a strong, rich cigar, packed with flavor and aroma. With the prices on Famous Smokes, you won't find a better cigar.
Ken in Seven Hills, OH July 22, 2010
La Gloria Cubana Serie R #5
"Exceptional aroma and taste."
Just finished my 3rd Serie R #5 and truly enjoyed the taste and aroma...exceptional.Appearance is exceptional as well in the maduro wrapper. However, I was disappointed by the uneven burn and the amount of heat generated. I had no draw problems, but the construction/burn was fair to poor and the temperature of the cigar from beginning to end (approximately 1 1/2 inches from end...could not go further) and the smoke taken in, was much hotter to the tongue and palate than you would expect from a 52 ring Dominican. I smoke full flavor Hondurans mostly so the heat I experienced with this cigars was not due to inexperience. Doubt if I'll get anymore of these. For the price point, I much prefer the Kristoff maduro, Hoyo De Monterey, Oliva G or Punch line.
Dave in Kentucky July 15, 2010
La Gloria Serie R #7
"Got to Golf Smoke"
This big beautiful monster is perfect for the golf course. Also goes get with a Guiness
Michael in Chatsworth July 3, 2010
La Gloria Cubana Serie R #6
"One of the best"
Very good cigar!!
Shane in Westport, Connecticut June 1, 2010
La Gloria Cubana Serie R #6
"My favorite"
It's a great cigar!!
Shane in Westport, Connecticut June 1, 2010
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