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La Gloria Cubana Serie R #5 Reviews [view details]

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When I lit the foot, I got a powerful, zesty note of chili powder. Upon lighting, that all changed to more of a smell of being inside a very old tree. It is a very earthy cigar with notes of oak, maybe a little bit on the dead side (in a good way!), every once in awhile I got that zesty hit. I tend to french inhale every 10 hits or so as to enjoy the full spectrum of smells and tastes. I also got notes of roasted chestnuts and a hit of dark chocolate. it showed some resistance with the draw at first. I decided to clip a hair more off the cap, and then it was perfect. It burned perfectly all the way to the last inch when I let it fade out. Oh, and I noted hints of leather through out the smoke. I received this stick with a sampler pack of 10 of assorted cigars, and let it rest in the humi for about 2 months. Its going on my list of cigars I plan on buying a box of in the future...for sure!
jeff in ohio September 15, 2013
Had this after work, great taste. The draw started a little tight but loosened up. Perfect burn, ash fell off in a clump even after my dog bit it. Need to put a few more in my humidor.
Jeff in Kennebunk June 22, 2013
"Exceptional aroma and taste."
Just finished my 3rd Serie R #5 and truly enjoyed the taste and aroma...exceptional.Appearance is exceptional as well in the maduro wrapper. However, I was disappointed by the uneven burn and the amount of heat generated. I had no draw problems, but the construction/burn was fair to poor and the temperature of the cigar from beginning to end (approximately 1 1/2 inches from end...could not go further) and the smoke taken in, was much hotter to the tongue and palate than you would expect from a 52 ring Dominican. I smoke full flavor Hondurans mostly so the heat I experienced with this cigars was not due to inexperience. Doubt if I'll get anymore of these. For the price point, I much prefer the Kristoff maduro, Hoyo De Monterey, Oliva G or Punch line.
Dave in Kentucky July 15, 2010
"Quality has gone down!!!"
They were once the best full bodied cigar around! Less than half of each box is even smokable! Some are rolled so tight that they can never be smoked and the rest are like trying to smoke a tube. They are very inconsistent, lumpy bumpy misshapen and very disapointing. I have smoke thousands of these over the years and know what I'am talking about. The wrappers offten have holes and patches and some can destroy a cutter with the "sticks" rolled within! Don't waist your money!!! 2nd rate 2nds at best. The filler and binder are of the lowest quality and poorly aged tobacco to boot!!
Richard Wills in Maryland August 4, 2009
This may end up being one of my favorite cigars. Don’t let the initial slightly tight draw and lack of smoke volume discourage you… The cigar is so packed full of tobacco it takes about 2 or 3 minutes to warm up; after which the tobacco loosens up creating a very nice draw and due to the amount of dense tobacco delivers a very large volume of creamy smoke. I suggest using a guillotine cutter for more drawing surface as opposed to a punch to ensure the dense tobacco delivers an easy draw. I consider cigars to have primarily one of two flavor bases; spice & pepper or leather & chocolate…this one is for leather & chocolate lovers. This cigar will please those who want a hell of a lot of full rich flavor without being overwhelmed by strength; don’t get me wrong…this is not a morning smoke right out of bed; you should have a meal before indulging. I usually smoke any stick down to the ¾ mark to avoid the last bit taking on harsh qualities. I did not have to consider that with this cigar; it remained consistent down to the very nub; the only change was more flavor! I paired it with a Belgian beer and could tell it would do well with any amber or dark beer, coffee, cola or tea. This was my first time trying this cigar; I will try another next week and if it is consistent I will order a box.
Zulu in Los Angeles, CA March 22, 2009
"Used to be good but not anymore."
The La Gloria Cubana Serie R #5 used to be great but now they are awful. Will not buy again until I see that changes have been made.
Chris in CA October 30, 2008
"Still the best"
I first started smoking these back in 2001, and at times they were hard to find and much more expensive. I have never tired of these oily, toothy, full-flavored beauties!!! These are exceptional cigars.
Jeff in Topeka, KS December 23, 2007
I have developed a palate over the years for strength in my cigars and have tried quite a few. This one is by far the best for my tastes. Strength and body cannot be matched. Doesn't always burn well and the $ are up there but, as of now, I can still afford it. The only brand that I can smoke everyday and not desire something else! Well, maybe El Rico Habana.
ommegang in wi May 15, 2007
I have smoked many full bodied cigars over the 30 years of smoking cigars,but La Gloria Series R #5 is without a doubt the best constructed and all around quality smoke for the money.
Jerry Roman in AZ February 1, 2007
"A new favorite"
While the burn on these is usually a bit uneven, that cannot take away from the great taste of this cigar. Medium to Full strength cigars are my favorites and this one fits the bill. You won't be disappointed.
Jeff in MN January 31, 2007
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