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La Gloria Cubana (DR) Wavell Reviews [view details]

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Delicious from start to finish, nice white ash.
Brian in Camp Arifjan, Kuwait February 9, 2009
"great cigar"
one of my favorites...
Charlie in Richmond,VA December 29, 2008
"My experience has been uniformly good"
I'm puzzled. The LGC Wavells (DR) seem to elicit diametrically opposing reviews from what I've found on the web. I've had three from a gift sampler my wife purchased late last year. I've found them to be a very, very pleasant, creamy medium-bodied smoke. They light easily, draw well and have a good, spicy (but still smooth), leathery savor that remains consistent for most of the burn. One of them seemed to lose ash faster than I'd have expected, but the other two were exemplary in that regard. Have I just been lucky, or is the simply a case of "different strokes for different folks"?
Larry in Seattle April 13, 2008
"A Fine Medium Smoke"
While I usually smoke full-flavored cigars, I appreciate a fine medium one now and then to reset my pallet. A few sticks had a tendency to canoe, but nothing uncontrollable if you pay attention. I found the draw and flavor to be exactly what I want in this category and will continue to buy these for myself and friends.
Kaptain in Seattle, WA October 22, 2007
"Bold & Spicy"
I have tried cubans, & in comparison these are right up there.....the flavor is excellent, lots of spice & very robust flavor. A great smoke overall. A medium to full bodied smoke in my opinion, that would definitely appeal to the palate of an experienced smoker that enjoys the taste of a full bodied cigar.
Emperor V in Houston, Tx January 29, 2007
"Tasted good but burned strangely"
Smoked one in the car on a cold winter day. Was flavorful enough but put out tons of smoke continously, like it was on fast idle. The ash was quite loose and flaked onto my jacket. I guess it is a better smoke for out-of-doors for these reasons.
Gregg in Concord, NH January 24, 2007
"Good Cigar"
Got a sampler pack with 8 of these in them, good, smooth cigar. Nothing really special about it, but a good smoke nonetheless. Every cigar doesn't have to be the best you've ever smoked. I'd buy a box of these anytime.
Fetterman in CO September 20, 2006
"Good smoke at a great price"
I really enjoy the LGC Wavell. Its a very good and flavorful smoke, that lasts almost to the ring. Added Bonus: Nice every day smoke price!
Warren T in Below Longs Peak August 25, 2006
I'd rather smoke ham. At least smoked ham tastes great!
David Vargas in TX August 8, 2006
"My Favorite"
What can I say. It was my favorite before I purchased from Famous. This is a great little smoke.
James in Oklahoma January 6, 2006
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