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La Gloria Serie R #7 Reviews [view details]

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"A real SIT down and relax cigar"
I saved one of these in my humidor for a while, just to have it on my birthday. The cigar outlasted the beer, the scotch and most of my drinking buddies. It burned for no less than 2 1/2 hours. From start to finish a great smoke. It is definitely a must have in any collection. Overall I give it a 9.9999999!
Paul in Longview August 28, 2008
"great smoke from start to finish."
La gloria cubana i thank you.
barry in westchester il. May 9, 2008
"A must have in every humidor!!!"
The La Gloria Cubana Serie #7 Maduro is a exceptional smoke. It is full of flavor and so relaxing. Take your time with this one and enjoy yourself. Don't rush the groove, ya dig?
M. S. Martin in greenville, south carolina May 4, 2008
"My favorite for years. Just a great cigar."
Been smoking cigars for 36 years. Started on Cubans while living in Panama. I found this several years ago, and, if you are a full bodied maduro lover, this is it. You gotta go north of $20 a stick to come close.
Bruce in North Carolina April 10, 2008
"the other 7 inches of my life is great"
i had the worst day of my life and all i wanted to do was forget about it, so what do i do i go to the cigar shop and i grab one of these and i smoke myself stupid and i felf really good about it thank you la gloria your my bestest lady.
Billy in Minneapolis November 27, 2007
"Simply the best"
For the experienced smoker this "Le Grande Boy" is ambrosia! It is bold, without being too bold (like the new Camacho "uncles"). Earthy tones, hints of expresso and pepper (and maybe just a touch of nuts!). Enjoy it with a glass of your favorite bourbon or single malt scotch, but be forwarned, this beauty demands a commitment because it can last up to 3 hours! At about five bucks a stick, this baby is a bargain.
Cliff Note in Central Ohio March 17, 2006
"Great Smoke"
I lit up one of these not too long ago. It is one of, if not, the best cigar I have had.
David Kozerow in VA March 2, 2006
"My Favorite Cigar By Far"
I started smoking cigars about 5 years ago and got one of these in a sampler pack and WOW, The best cigar and most consistant I've smoked yet. Nice even burn, strong creamy tast and very affordable.
Tony Lamoureux in Temecula Ca July 23, 2005
"La Gloria, La Bomb!"
After a disappointing day of gathering bathroom remodel supplies (many calls from suppliers that goods [tile, tub, toilet] are ready for pick up, none of which were) I stopped by Liberty to treat myself to a LGC Series R and it is everything I was told it would be. Treat yourself! I am pleasantly surprised to find Famous offers a case for $130. I’m on the patio sipp’in some Cognac enjoying all seven inches. We’ve all heard that before right? Get some!
Tim in San Diego April 10, 2004
"Excellent cigar, great flavor, and very even smoke"
This cigar smokes great, and has a smooth easy draw. It lasted me for close to 4 hours, every time I let it go out and then re-light it, it came back as strong and flavorfull as ever, with no bitter taste.
Barry Katcher in Las Vegas, Nevada February 19, 2004
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10 Construction (91) 100
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