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La Riqueza Reviews

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La Riqueza No. 4 5 Pack
"Good smoke"
I enjoyed this cigar. Great looking, feeling, drawing and tasting. I was a bit surprised with this slow burner. Got in a sampler and had to get more. Not worth the retail price but if you can get on auction or sale price and you like medium body then this is a great go to.
Jeff in Fort Lauderdale March 27, 2014
La Riqueza No. 4
"Best After Rest"
You should note that this information does not relate directly to the No. 4 vitola, rather is made about the petit corona, but I'm going to assume that my comment will be sufficiently generic to be informative. I bought two five-packs of the petit coronas about 8 months ago. I burned through the first five quickly and was not terribly impressed with them. They were good but nothing to write home about. The "fresh out-of-the-box cigars" had a rough edge to them and looked a bit dry. Fortunately, I had the patience to wait this one out. I left the second five-pack in a jar humidor with a Bovida pack, along with a few other (seasoned) cigars, then waited about 8 months before trying them again. They were well worth the wait !!! All of the roughness was gone. Those little box-pressed petit coronas are just the ticket !!! Very heavy on the flavor !!! Pete Johnson and "the Don" did a good job on this one. If you can be patient and give it some time in the humidor, you will not be disappointed. It seasons quite nicely. I suspect that if the were to season for a year or two, they would be sensational.
Dan C. in Gainesville, FL February 7, 2014
La Riqueza No. 4
Love this stick! Wish I had a case! Smooooooth and tasty. Burned my fingers on at least 20 of these tasty treats.
Joe in Las Vegas October 16, 2013
La Riqueza No. 4
Love this smoke, feels good, burns great. If you have any you don't want...send them my way!
Joe in Las Vegas, NV October 9, 2013
La Riqueza No. 5
I smoked a 2009 release fantastic burn nice earty and hint of cacao taste no harshness very smooth med. strength Cigar
S in Akron September 30, 2013
La Riqueza No. 1
Uneventful, is the only way to describe this cigar. The No.1 appears to be well-made, but leaves much to be desired in the quality of its tobacco. This smoke is dry and green, with absolutely no flavor to speak of.
Erik in New York December 20, 2012
La Riqueza No. 4 5 Pack
"At least It Deserves a 89-90"
This isn't a Tat,...period. Anyone expecting that will be either be disappointed or pleasantly surprised. I picked up 3X 5-packs here on auction after I bought one wholesale at my B&M, and I love this stick. Honestly, I hope it doesn't get a better rating and more people don't find out about it; leaves more for me!
Josh in Columbus, OH September 29, 2012
La Riqueza No. 4
"Another good one from Pete Johnson"
Nice appearance. Got quick blast of charcoal flavor at start. Mellowed right into nice flavors of leather, sweet spices and every now and then black licorice notes. Nice draw and even burn. a winner!
Nick in NY August 20, 2012
La Riqueza No. 4 5 Pack
"Great Taste and Construction!"
The best aspect of this cigar is the taste, hands down it is excellent and unique. I tend to prefer larger gauge smokes so I'm going to give the #2 a try. Nothing bad to say about this cigar whatsoever!
Kenny in California June 19, 2012
La Riqueza No. 5
"Great flavor, terrible draw"
This cigar is a bit of a mystery to me. The flavors and burn are fantastic, but I have had some serious inconsistencies with the burn. I have had three of these, and the first two were fantastic smokes. Excellent balance and finessed flavors. The third had what is perhaps the tightest draw of any cigar I have ever smoked. I definitely recommend that you try one for the flavor, but after my last experience, I would be hard pressed to consider a box purchase. Pete Johnson's other offerings are far superior in this regard.
Mike in Seattle June 7, 2012
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