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La Unica Cabinet Reviews

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La Unica Cabinet #100
"A truly great stick."
Very comparable to the Macanudo at about half the price. I have smoked many cabinets of this stick and nary a bad one.
Lew in Florida July 4, 2012
La Unica Cabinet #400
"So Good"
Mild yet bold at finish with very aromatic burn. enjoyed with a single barrel whiskey for a quite evening at home couldnt ask for a better cigar at an awesome price. MUST TRY
Nikko in Tacoma November 11, 2011
La Unica Cabinet #100
"" Best miled to med body cigar for the value""
Equal to the macanudo "Prince of whales if not better" Value wise the Best!
Mitch in CA October 3, 2011
La Unica Cabinet #400
"On my top ten list"
I've somked these since the '90s. One of, if not the best cigars there are, period!
DAK in Connecticut June 14, 2011
La Unica Cabinet #100
"Not Very Good"
I smoked one of these last evening. The flavor was non existent. It was liking smoking a wrapper full of dirt. It was humidified properly but it still ran. I won't buy another one.
Doug in New Hampshire November 12, 2010
La Unica Cabinet #400
Better than I expected. I'm not real experienced with cigars and picked up the La Unica 400 along with a Fuente and a Patel. This is short cigar. Excellent draw. Easy to light and it stayed lit. Lots of easy smoke. Taste was good, nothing bag about it but it seemed to lack a certain complexity and refinement. For the price, you can't complain. Definitely worth the $3.50 I paid for it. Got a little hot towards the end.
Lenny in NJ August 15, 2010
La Unica Cabinet #400
"opposite of tasty"
picked up a stick based on the 95 cust rating. i didnt like it one bit. nice appearance and construction. however the flavor was not pleasant at all. proceed with caution.
DMO in VALLEJO,CA June 3, 2010
La Unica Cabinet #400
"Hmmmmm. Fabulous!"
Just got a box of maduro 400's. Freakin off the charts! Great construction, slighty more spicey than traditional Fuente's, and incredible aroma. I think I might jsut have to have another one roght now!!!
Jef in Indianapolis February 25, 2010
La Unica Cabinet #100
"Best-in-class mild to medium"
They are hard to find in San Diego, and equally hard to match in taste, flavor, and consitency.
Donald in San Diego February 7, 2010
La Unica Cabinet #200
"I think I got counterfeits!"
Poor quality wrapper leaves with patches that leak air, dry and nasty,probably worth about $1 a stick!
sean in los angeles November 15, 2009
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