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La Vieja Habana Brazilian Maduro Belicoso D Reviews [view details]

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"Excellent value"
Catch these on sale at a little over $2 a stick...tough to beat. This is a pretty good everyday cigar. Better than many cigars I have smoked that are three times the price.
Mark in Northern Utah July 28, 2014
"A Great Everyday Smoke"
Smooth, coffee, nutty start, progresses to a warm tone of wood/spice. The end is a little warm for my taste, but I just let it go at the 2 to 2.5 inch mark. Very pleasant aroma, takes a full cut well, it doesn't seem to make a difference wheter you full, groove, bullet or small cut this stick. Fairly consistent from stick to stick, but they all seem to canoe a little, some worse than others. Not really a problem if it is in the first 1/2 of the smoke, but when you touch these up after the first half, they get a little spicy. You can find these for around two bucks a stick if you look for them. A real bargain at that price.
Irloyal in Denton March 28, 2011
"Horrible at Any Price"
Smoking these cigars bring back lots of great memories. Like getting a mouthful of soap after smarting off to mom, or all those great times sitting around a campfire when the wind shifts and burning stinging wood smoke blows into my eyes. I'm not spoiled from smoking ultra-premiums either. These are right in my usual price-range, but I've yet to stumble across anything else that is this un-smokable. The 96 rating has got to be a typo.
Darryl in Seattle January 15, 2011
"Easy draw for maximum flavor"
Easy draw for maximum flavor with no tongue burn!You can really enjoy this smoke all the way to the end.
Mike in Washington, NJ October 23, 2010
"Great Cigars"
This is, on average, the best cigars I had this year. They are consistently good. I've been disappointed by some expensive cigars this year, like Ashton cabinets I bought for my BD were so inconsistent, and some of them with such poor draw, that I truly regretted getting them. But these babies are just guaranteed pleasure each time. And guess what? Now they are on backorder :(
Vlad T in Grand Rapids, MI August 27, 2010
"Great taste, Burns smooth, Great Price"
Great taste, Burns smooth, Great Price
Rick in Glendora, Ca August 21, 2010
"Love the earthy flavor"
Very well made smoke. The Dark oily madura wrapper gives this smoke a excellent apperance, and if you like a earthy flavor smoke this is the one for you.
Kimo in Kauai , Hawaii August 16, 2010
"Great tasting, Even burning Cigar"
This cigar is a well balanced cigar. If you keep it in a correctly humidified humidor, it will reward you with a smooth draw and a great taste. The cigar is a little soft for those used to a firm cigar, however, I would recommend the Vieja Habana to just about anyone who is a real cigar smoker, and not just an armchair critic.
Sean in So. Cal January 10, 2009
"Great cigar, smooth with a clean finish."
Even burning, easy draw, very enjoyable.
Joe in New Mexico November 2, 2008
Excellent cigar. One of the BEST maduros I have ever smoked. Construction was good. The oily wrapper actually glistened in the sunlight. Burn was perfect, no tunneling or touchups required. The ash actually held better than some long filler cigars. Flavor was exceptional. If I had to list a negative, it would be burn time. I didn?t notice a quick burn, but the wife commented it was less than an hour. Being a mixed filler cigar, it probably did burn a little quicker than a long filler cigar. However, I was really enjoying the cigar. I may have been pushing it. Although the cigar may have burned a little quick, it was never hot. I have only smoke one so far, four more are patiently waiting in the humidor. If the remaining four are anything close to the first, I will definitely be bidding on a box or two. One of only a few cigars in which I would pay full retail. If you understand the nature of this cigar, you will be pleased. While the cigar is an ?entry level? cigar from Drew Estate, it is better than every bundle cigar I have ever encountered. However, if you are looking for something to replace your $35.00 (a single) Padron 80th Anniversary Maduro Perfecto, you may be inclined to call the cigar ?junk.?
Colin in Palestine, Texas May 3, 2008
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10 Consistency (92) 100
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10 Appearance (95) 100
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10 Taste (91) 100
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10 Construction (91) 100
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