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La Vieja Habana Brazilian Maduro Celebracion National Reviews [view details]

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Bought 2 boxes to take to my brother s wedding in Brazil. By the way, he loves Cohibas, Montecristos, Romeos.. and premium Brazilians as Dona Flor. After puffs, guess what? They not only loved the La Vieja but was impressed by the quality, the smoke and the box.. Brazilians... Some experts said that the flavor was better that the Cohibas that we were smoking. That is true... it is a really good smoke. Don t be in doubt by the price of this. It will worth every cent!
Flavio in Rockwall February 3, 2015
"Thick Maduro"
If you enjoy a real good Maduro that s nice and thick on your palate with smooth Nicaraguan fillers and a tasty Brazilian wrapper than you're in for a REAL nice treat!
John in Florida May 24, 2013
"smooth with a slight complexity"
I love this cigar Very smooth Smooth spice flavor - not pepper then swithed to milk chocolate, then to a combo of the two excellent burn would I buy again? Yes definately - If the scale worked... i'd give it 90
David in Central NY March 29, 2012
"Mostly agree with the other reviews"
I mostly agree with the other reviews here. First one I smoked I didnt care for But after a couple of weeks in the humidor they werent to bad, nice draw wtih lots of smoke. They do need to be touched up once in a while, but the price is right. I would not give them away to friends that I was trying to impress but for a everyday smoke there not bad.
Kimo in Kauai April 15, 2011
"Wanna change my initial assesment"
I gave this cigar bad grades in my initial review because the first three I smoked burned my mouth and I had to continually touch them up while smoking them. I have changed my mind. I am a pinch penny cigar smoker. This means I will not throw a box of cigars out even if I think they taste bad or burn my tounge. I'll just keep trying hoping I'll discover what the problem is until I run out of the "bad" cigars, then I wont buy them again. In this case, I am glad I did that. Before trying my fourth cigar, I let them set in my humidor about three weeks, dreading the thought of having to smoke another one. What a change! They're pretty darn GOOD! I WILL buy them again. They taste good, and burn OK for us regular people. I dont know if they sell them in 5 packs or not. They should if they dont. If you buy some just be sure to let 'em set in your humidor for about a month. They'll be great.
Liam56 in Oklahoma December 13, 2010
"Do you enjoy having your tounge burned?"
If you do, this is what you need to buy and smoke. Pretty good flavor. The Cigar looks nice, but WoW it will burn your tounge! If you back off in hopes of not sucking fire into your mouth, the cigar will go out. Its gonna canoe, have plenty of fuel in your torch to make corrections. When I get hard up for a cigar, I'll quit. I wont buy these again.
Liam56 in Oklahoma November 29, 2010
"Short filler pretender"
These La Vieja cigars are Sandwich cigars, very soft, poor to lousy burning, decent draw, will canoe virtually every cigar. Often wonder why they bother putting this cigar in a box, its a bundle version short filler cigar, the labels are pretty and the box is deceiving as this cigar will burn hot, its gonna canoe every cigar, its very soft, very. Its a poorly made cigar that looks like it will be decent, the looks are meant to fool the buyer which it does decently well until you buy a box of this crap and realize your not smoking a classy cigar, your smoking a sandwich short filler cigar that is packaged to look like a premium cigar, its not close to a premium, dont be fooled. Its not any different than the medicore to poorly made Famous bundle cigars.
thebaby981 in Louisiana March 6, 2008
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