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La Vieja Habana Brazilian Maduro Rothchild Luxo Reviews [view details]

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"Very one dimensional"
I got two of these as part of a sampler. They don't really have that much flavor, except a vague tobacco taste. The filler burns faster than the wrapper, which is to be expected. The draw on both was very tight and I really had to suck on it to get any smoke. Overall, it's an okay cigar if you're just looking for something to smoke. But I like to enjoy my cigars and all the complex flavors so I won't be coming back.
Ben in Texas September 16, 2012
"A fine cigar"
This cigar is well crafted, but the flavor is just a tad flat. it's bold to be sure, but it just doesn't have that "Bang" that some people crave. I liked it, & i'll probably buy a box sometime in the future.
Praetorian in Ohio February 18, 2011
"Good not "great" cigar, but at a great price!"
Good flavor, not overpowering, not harsh. The guts burn just a little too fast for the slow burning wrapper. Gets a little uneven but catches up. Over all, a pleasant smoke. Some have said it's a mouth burner, and I could see that if you were trying to suck it down like a Lucky Strike. Slow down and enjoy one then try and find a better one for the price. Good luck!
Ken in San Diego September 29, 2010
"Very educational"
Well, now I know what a short filler cigar tastes like...not much to distinguish itself, neither good nor bad. There simply isn't much flavor here despite a vague tobacco note.
in September 7, 2010
"A smell like no other..."
Got this as part of a sampler and wasn't expecting the quality and amazing taste/smell from an economy class flight pack. Head and foot above the rest that came in the sampler, this was a seriously tasty, smooth, and fragrant ceegar. It did burn a bit funky, and draws were a little weak at times, but the flavor was fantastic. I'm curious to see how consistent these can be in a box, but from the taste I got, its just another reason (apparently the very first one) that Drew Estates and their offshoot brands are huge among newer smokers such as myself.
Degen in Buffalo, NY August 10, 2010
CHARLES in US June 14, 2010
"Smooth and Creamy"
I got this as part of a sampler and left it to soak in the humidor for a couple of weeks after delivery and it was worth it. The burn was consistent and aromatic, while the flavor blew me away. Creamy, rich and smooth earthy flavors gave way to a hint of pepper on the finish. I thoroughly enjoyed this smoke and will be ordering a box when I have some space available!
in May 7, 2010
"tongue burning junk"
Its amzing people pay over $20 a box for these cigars. The cigar itself is a short filler cigar that has very little tobacco to it, its a very soft large ring cigar which means its packed with less than half what a normal cigar this size would have., these puppies burn excessively hot and will burn your tongue easily before you finish the first. the brazillian maduro wrappers are moist and oily, though the cigar will canoe and have an array of hot spots and burning issues even when perfectly well humidified. leave these in the humi for several months, wont make much difference, they're still short filler pieces of crap packaged to look like a premium but not even a step above the crappy made bundle cigars that insure the company doesnt waste any of its grown tobacco irregardless of how crappy the cigar turns out. this is one of the worst boxed versions of a brazillian maduro, its a whole box of junk sold as if its a quality cigar, try one, you'll realize you just bought a bundled cigar in a nicely packaged box. probably the softest 54 ring gauge cigar you'll ever buy in a box. Wait ti'll you realize what a piece of junk this cigar is, try one, you'll see my review was dead on correct.
thebaby981 in Louisiana March 11, 2008
I dont know if you can find a better $2.00 cigar, very nice all around smoke, you will think you have a $5.00 stick.
Kirk Hierholzer in CA August 13, 2007
"Very Nice"
Smoked one right out of the box and was VERY pleased with the result. Can't wait to give them some time in my humidor. Overall, very nice cigar for a "sandwich". Buy one and give it a shot. You won't be sorry.
John Zak in Dallas March 7, 2007
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