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La Vieja Habana Corojo Reviews

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La Vieja Habana Corojo Chateau Corona
"One of my top 5 favorites"
If I was forced to pick (and purchase) only one cigar for the rest of my life, I'd pick this one.
Ronnie T in Virginia May 2, 2008
La Vieja Habana Corojo Belicoso D
"Huge Let Down"
Had very high hopes for this one...The cigar is very very mild..It really has no taste to it at all..For a good everyday cigar you will be better off buying a bundle of Roly's...Drew Estate makes great cigar's however this cigar is not very good...I wish i had tryed one first before buying a box...
Anthony in Baghdad Iraq April 16, 2008
La Vieja Habana Corojo Chateau Corona
"One of my favorites"
these are in the top 3 cigars for me, cant beat the price, just tastes good like most the LVH's
MVW in West Texas February 4, 2008
La Vieja Habana Corojo Chateau Corona
"Good Cigar Great Price"
Great cigar for anytime smoke. This will be one of my always have on hand cigars. Love to light one up when taking the dogs for a walk or just sitting in the backyard with them. The smoke is wonderful and very pleasing. For the price how could you go wrong!!
RIck in Illinois November 23, 2007
La Vieja Habana Corojo Rothschild Luxo
"Very Pleased"
A local cigar dealer suggested this cigar. I bought 2 of them at $4.50 a piece. I enjoyed the whole experience. Good draw, good burn and tasty all the way through. I decided to buy a box from Famous and I was rewarded with a box full of the same experiences. With shipping each cigar was just over $2.00 I will be buying these again and other La Vieja Hababa's again from Famous.
Lars Braun in IL July 29, 2007
La Vieja Habana Corojo Rothschild Luxo
"A Short-Filler Dog Rocket"
The summary says it all. Burns hot and leaves a bad aftertaste. Nuff said.
Gregg in Concord, NH May 22, 2007
La Vieja Habana Corojo Chateau Corona
"Out of the box, it is good"
I recently got some boxes of the cigarauctioneer website. Couldn't wait to try one, so I smoked one just a few hours after they arrived in the mail. Very tasty, smooth, slight amount of spice, good flavor overall. Famous Smoke does a good job in keeping their cigars in perfect smoking condition. When are you sending me freebies?
Metalbass in Indiana March 16, 2007
La Vieja Habana Corojo Gordito Rico
Don't waste your money like I did. The taste was totally bland. I thought the cigar was poorly rolled; later I discovered why. Bought a box of 16 and threw 11 out, converting them into mulch for my wife's flower beds. When I slit them lengthwise, I discovered that under the wrapper were perhaps 3-4 layers of binder. The remainder of the cigar was cheap, crimp-cut tobacco like you'd find in a Dutch Masters or King Edward. Needless to say, I won't be buying any more of these.
Stan in Cordova, TN March 6, 2007
La Vieja Habana Corojo Rothschild Luxo
"Not Bad!"
Good Cigar. Burn and draw are good. Mild but great flavor. Will definitely buy another box in the future.
Jason in Anchorage December 2, 2006
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