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La Vieja Habana Corojo Rothschild Luxo Reviews [view details]

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"Looks can be deceiving"
Burn isnt too bad. Only a few corrections needed. This was my first cigar out of a large order i had. I was really looking forward to a good smoke as i LOVE drew estates cigars. THE AFTERTASTE IS AWFUL! RIENS CHEAP CIGAR! You know those cheap cigars that have a great looking wrapper but taste like wet newspaper! ya thats what this one taste like. The aroma is good and the initial taste isnt too bad very earthy and woody. Then pow dirty sock in your mouth taste. Even at a dollar a stick its not worth it because you can find better cheap cigars.
Erica in Woodstock October 6, 2011
"Not bad"
While the other reviews seem split an even 50/50 here, you need to bear in mind this is an EVERYDAY cigar. The best? No. The worst? Far from it. A decent everyday smoke. Sadly, there's enough flaws in this to make some of its competitors a better deal (I'm looking at you, Tabamex...).
Jason in Youngstown June 5, 2011
"Keep your money for the real cigars"
A big deception. This cigar is great looking on first inspection but in fact is poorly constructed and filled with nearly 100% mild shortfiller tobacco in the inside. The wrapper is also so thin that is tends to unfold almost all the time, revealing an ugly longfiller. Keep your money for the real stuff!
Frederic in Quebec, Canada June 2, 2008
"Very Pleased"
A local cigar dealer suggested this cigar. I bought 2 of them at $4.50 a piece. I enjoyed the whole experience. Good draw, good burn and tasty all the way through. I decided to buy a box from Famous and I was rewarded with a box full of the same experiences. With shipping each cigar was just over $2.00 I will be buying these again and other La Vieja Hababa's again from Famous.
Lars Braun in IL July 29, 2007
"A Short-Filler Dog Rocket"
The summary says it all. Burns hot and leaves a bad aftertaste. Nuff said.
Gregg in Concord, NH May 22, 2007
"Not Bad!"
Good Cigar. Burn and draw are good. Mild but great flavor. Will definitely buy another box in the future.
Jason in Anchorage December 2, 2006
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10 Construction (77) 100
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