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Large Brick Humidifier Reviews [view details]

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"I use velcro, does the trick!"
Velcro works much better!
LARRY in WI June 2, 2012
"Doesn't stick..."
The Brick is sold at a great price and it does the trick, but it does not want to stay stuck on my humidor lid. It came with a thin metal slab that is supposed to stick to the humidor (I placed it on the lid), but it falls after a few hours. I keep having to restick it. Then, the magnetic slab that is glued to the Brick would detach from the Brick and I would have to reattach the magnetic slab to the Brick.... I know it was only 9 bucks, but it's getting old! I'm afraid to purchase glue to fix the issues here, but I don't want glue fumes in my humidor. I'll live with it unless you guys have any suggestions.
Sergio in Louisville August 28, 2010