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Las Cabrillas Reviews

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Las Cabrillas Balboa
"Great value..great golf course smoke"
Been enjoying this one for years. Always consistent for the taste and excellent price
Stu in Delray Beach, FL June 18, 2014
Las Cabrillas Balboa
"Very Good Smoke"
Have been smoking these for quite some time. As long as you keep them in a good humidor they are very good, but get harsh and won t burn well if they start to dry out.
Bob in Spokane, Washington April 26, 2014
Las Cabrillas Balboa
Nice product for the money.
Ted in N.C. July 5, 2013
Las Cabrillas Balboa
"cigar man"
very good cigar for the money
danny in north providence July 5, 2012
Las Cabrillas Balboa
A great golf course cigar. Nice burn, mild and will last eight or nine holes!
JOHN in Florida June 11, 2012
Las Cabrillas Cortez
"$2 cigar costs me $10 a stick"
I buy these cigars to hand out at my tailgate parties. For every one I smoke, I give out 4 to other people because they are such a big hit. Perfect cigar for the casual cigar smoker. Nice and mild with a great ending. I burn my fingers before I'm done smoking the cigar.
Brian in Nutley, NJ October 14, 2010
Las Cabrillas Balboa
"great price enjoyable start to finish"
A lot of bang for the money
1goodguy in ellenton fla September 30, 2010
Las Cabrillas Balboa
"A good smoke for the money."
I was surprised to find this to be a very enjoyable cigar. It has a good tatse and is very affordable. It's one of my favorites.
Reece in Tennessee June 10, 2010
Las Cabrillas Balboa
great value ...a nice smooth smoke...great for the golf course!
John in St Cloud May 2, 2010
Las Cabrillas Cortez
"great everyday smoke"
i first purchased the Cortez at a local tobacco shop, for the price, $2.75 a stick, couldn't pass it up. Much to my surprise i really liked it. It's a great mild, enjoyable smoke. The connecticut or the maduro are equally as good. i would love to get a box of either one on a continual cycle. they're just that nice.
Jason in Alabama January 1, 2010
Evolution by Rocky Patel
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