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Las Cabrillas Reviews

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Las Cabrillas Cortez
"Good value smoke..."
A great smoke at a great price. I've had these on several occasions, and they never disappoint - always the quality that I have come to expect. I've found them for just over $2 a piece so it's a definite go-to cigar.
Matt in NC October 7, 2009
Las Cabrillas Balboa
"Best cigar for the buck. My house cigar."
The best cigar for the money. Las Cabrillas is my personal house cigar. I love them.
C. Isernia in New York City September 18, 2009
Las Cabrillas Balboa
SKEETER in KANAB, UT April 4, 2009
Las Cabrillas Balboa
"Not really worth the effort"
First of all the draw on this cigar is terrible, I smoked 2/3 of it and it never improved. It is listed as medium strength but I would say it is weaker then some of the mild cigars I've had. The smoke (what there is of it) is pleasant and probably wouldn't offended anyone around you. In summary the draw is not good and there is no flavor this is probably a good cigar if you wanted to try to look cool smoking a cigar but actually don't like smoking them.
Mike S in La Vernia, Texas November 13, 2008
Las Cabrillas Balboa
"Must be cut in half high."
No draw until cut in half then packs big punch.
Claude August 26, 2007
Las Cabrillas Cortez
"One of my Favorites"
I've read some negative comments on the Cortez and thought I should give my opinion. At around $1.85, I haven't found a better cigar for the price. Is it an Onyx? Of course not. Is it a great affordable smoke - Definitely!!! I moved to north Alabama about six months ago and can't find a decent smoke within 50 miles. I really missed the Cortez and have family bring me some when they visit. Glad to find them on-line at such an affordable price - $1.56. If you like a great cigar at a daily smokable price - try the Cortez Maduro.. You won't be disappointed.
Timothy F. in Alabama September 15, 2006
Las Cabrillas Vasco De Gama
"A very worthy low cost Honduran"
Just grabbed one of these from my local shop on a whim. Now this is only based on one...but, constructed well, burned smooth, and drew quite nicely, not too easy, not too hard. Nice semi-medium bodied smoke with a nice flavor, a pleasant smoke at a fine price.
Pete Carlson in CT April 5, 2006
Las Cabrillas Cortez
"Very pleasing smoke..."
Won a box of these on an auction,good construction,uniform burn all the way to the nub.Nice mild flavor and aroma,I'd buy these again!
Gerald Cox in Ca March 19, 2006
Las Cabrillas Cortez
"A sound long term investment"
I discovered Las Cabrillas in the original Famous Smoke Shop near Sixth Ave. in Manhattan, in 1990. The taste is outstanding, mild but full, and the best part of the cigar is the very end. I'm delighted I can continue ordering these great cigars in my new home in Israel.
Jonathan Silverman in Israel February 27, 2006
Las Cabrillas Ponce De Leon
"Great cigar for the price!"
At $1.85 I couldn't pass it up. Liked it so much I bought a box as did a golfing buddy of mine. Neither of us has been disappointed. Good bang for the buck.
Bob Whipple in Mount Penn, PA September 6, 2004
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