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Las Cabrillas Reviews

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Las Cabrillas Balboa
"The natural version of the Balboa is a mild treat!"
The natural version of the Balboa burns smooth and long. It is extremely mild and tasty.I never get tired of this cigar.
Rich Dudis in Elizabeth N.J. August 21, 2004
Las Cabrillas Cortez
"smokes nice"
Nice smoke for the price smokes like a $4.00 cigar
Bill in Catasauqua August 6, 2004
Las Cabrillas Balboa
"Smooth tasting,even burning,long lasting!!"
One of the better values. Very mild especially in the Natural wrapper.Cigar burns evenly and has a much easier draw than the smaller Cabrillas..I highly recommend it
Rich in Elizabeth N.J. April 20, 2004
Las Cabrillas Cortez
"Did I have a bad one???"
Decided to try this one at the recommendation of a friend. Bought two, one natural, one maduro. Smoked the maduro so far. Was not impressed at all. Flavor was pretty bad...very sour tasting and harsh, making my mouth cringe each draw. Left a pretty bad, cigarette like aftertaste. Tried to work through it, but it only mellowed out slightly before I decided to give up on it at the half way point. Otherwise, the cigar burned relatively even, though the ash was darker grey and only held about 1/2 inch before falling. Draw was ok, though the smoke was thin. Hopefully the natural will be better than this maduro I tried. Maybe I just had a bad one?
E. Castro in Hampton, VA March 30, 2003
Las Cabrillas Columbus
"Good cigar for the money. I enjoyed it very much."
Good cigar, a little sweet with a slight hazel nut flavor. I enjoyed it a lot. A good relaxing smoke.
Josh in New Jersey December 31, 2002
Las Cabrillas Balboa
"GREAT cigar - nice long and smooth smoke"
GREAT CIGAR for the price. Mild yet flavorful. Stayed fresh even to the end.
John Torosino in Ellicott City Maryland October 29, 2002
Las Cabrillas Cortez
"Gets Worse every year"
I have smoked this cigar for 10 years. At first it was 1 or 2 bad (bitter or bland) cigars per box. Each year it got worse, the last box was 50% bad. Forgetabotit! Rated less than 1.
F. K. Heffley in Chicago, IL September 27, 2002
Las Cabrillas Vasco De Gama
"Hard draw - not worth the effort"
The nice appearance belies the very hard draw and thin, hard flavor. I had to give the rest of the box to someone I don't particularly like.
WR in New Jersey December 5, 2001
Las Cabrillas De Soto
"Very good flavor."
I started smoking Desoto's about four years ago but found the draw inconsistent. I stuck with them because I enjoyed the flavor. The draw has been very good on boxes purchased in the last two years.
Chet Syjud in Lansing, Michigan May 12, 2001
Las Cabrillas Columbus
"Overall, a good inexpensive cigar"
Yesterday, I was given a box of the Columbus Maduro cigars as a Christmas gift. I had never been introduced to this brand before, and upon opening the box I was impressed by the appearance of the cigar. Later in the evening, I finally had the opportunity to try one while relaxing with a fine Scotch. Overall, I was amazed and very pleased with the cigar. I smoked it to the band and it never became bitter or harsh. It had a subtle leathery flavor that I found very pleasing and the draw and burn were quite good. I'll definitely purchase more of them in the future. I would rate this cigar as a strong 7 on a 10 point scale.
Randy Wallenhorst in Iowa, USA December 25, 2000
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