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Le Tube Double Cigar Tube Reviews [view details]

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"Very Big Metal Tubes"
These are big. They are long and fat so if you want something that hides in your suit pocket this ain't it. They are clean and shinny and hold a big cigar. There is no padding or cedar inside so you'll have to keep the cellophane on your cigars if they come that way. Nothing will hurt your cigars in these two tubes, but they will get destroyed if they are thrown around and bumped repeatedly.
JohnH in Illinois May 8, 2013
"Works perfect!"
Super high quality. Little larger than I expected but quality product.
Jacob in Colorado February 3, 2013
both rubber o-rings broke the very first time i removed the caps
jack in bartlett il. November 18, 2012
The cap would not fit onto the tube for 1 of the 2 tubes, no matter how hard I pushed down on it. Thought it was a screw cap, its not. You just push a cap over an o-ring. I will be bringing this back tomorrow and look for something similar elseware.
Rob in Bethlehem July 3, 2012
"Strong and Useful :-)"
wtg Famous, once again great job! alot stronger then the tubes looked, so if ya sit on em on hip you'll know it b4 ya bend em ... be tuff to bend em., good seal use one to snuff one out and one to carry and extra pocket on back great to hold cutter. Very Nice ty. wonder if yas sell extra o rings guessin hardware store when needed...
B in NJ June 28, 2012
"One of my tubes broke immediately!"
I got these tubes with a coupon and was quite excited about them. As soon as I recieved my order and finished putting my sticks in my Humidor I decided to check my tubes out. The seal on the first one I opened broke (the rubber o-ring snapped in half) on my very first time removing the cap. Talk about a quality item!
John in Maryland June 5, 2012
"Very useful, well made product"
This double cigar holder is very usful when traveling or well say fishing in the most part it is very good looking and has air tight seal.
Jordan1443 in SC October 25, 2011
"Great product for when your on the go."
I use these tubes very often. They keep the cigars safe and fresh. You can can use one or two tubes with or without the leather carrying case. The case carry clip works well. There is also a small pocket on the back that could be used to hold a small cutter or something. If traveling on an airline you should place it in you checked luggage or put it in the plastic tray with anything else from your pockets to be x-rayed. I made the mistake of leaving in my carry on. It almost caused a security scare. When x-rayed they tend stand out next to things such as my cell phone charger, spare AA batteries, etc... It looked like a bomb when they x-rayed it. Let's just say I was slightly delayed :)
MJPII in New Jersey December 4, 2008