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Leather 4 Cigar Travel Humidor Reviews [view details]

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"No seal whatsoever but tough box"
The box is good for keeping safe but not good for keeping fresh you can see the gap in the side of the box which makes the humidifiers inside pointless
Dylan J. in South Carolina June 17, 2013
"Pretty solid product"
Given the low price, I was very surprised by the quality of this product. The seal isn't great but nothing a rubber band can't fix. Perfect size for travel or a trip to the golf course. My only problem is that it came with two little humidification devices but no way to attach them to the inside. Are they just supposed to float around in there?
Michael in February 9, 2013
Nothing fancy, but it does look nice and keeps cigars safe.
Smittay in Modesto,CA August 6, 2012
"Get something better"
Too small. Doesn't fit larger ring cigars, doesn't seal, and isn't the best quality. Perfecto, Xikar, etc... makes much better.
Greg in PA January 5, 2012
"great case"
nice case, perfect for golf course,or just the days stogies,protects and keeps the cigars fresh. nice spanish cedar lining.
mark in california October 2, 2011
"Don't buy"
Shotty construction. The cedar piece inside of the case was glued on crooked and I had to actually pull it off and re-glue the wood so cigars could fit. There is not much of a seal to the case when closed, and it will not fit cigars over 50 ring size. Wish I spent a little more and got a better case.
Ed in Batavia, NY September 2, 2011
"worth every penny"
Made well, and just enough capacity for a full day away from home or to take one for a buddy. I'm buying another one.
greg in enola, pa January 11, 2011
"One fine unit"
More than pleased with the construction, partial cedar liner and full side spring for closure - two mini-humidifiers and an adjustable spring bracket (maybe 2mm think and ?? wide to keep the cigars in order) when the unit is opened. Real leather as well - more than worth the money!
Rich KOs in Cortland, Ohio December 16, 2010