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"I like mine."
As other reviews have said, it is a little on the heavy side, and a little bulky. But, knowing that, I ve been quite happy with mine. It s a little tricky to remember to open it like a book rather than a chest, otherwise my little friends go falling out. But, for road trips and traveling, it fits the bill just fine. I dont have to worry about anything getting smashed and it seem to close tight enough and keeps my smokes fresh. It s probably not great for the golf course and such, but for my purposes, Im liking it.
in March 30, 2014
"Mines Great"
I like this travel humidor for a couple of reasons. Mine seals tight and the cedar liner helps the cigars keep their flavor. Along with the cigars I just throw a water pillow or small Boveda pack in and I'm set. I only own 1 so I don't know about the consistency in construction. Mines great though. I also have a Xikar 5 count and a Csonka 4 count. Happy with all three.
Phil in Gainesville, GA October 7, 2013
"Great Buy"
Great quality. Works great. Can pack more than 12. Great buy for 15 bucks.
Bruce in Jacksonville Fla June 23, 2013
It looks great...its air tight but the glue smell will contaminate your cigars...it never seems to dry either..I left it open for three weeks and it still had a strong chemical smell
Matt Dougherty in Philadelphia January 27, 2013
"better than expected"
durable, tight seal, and attractive too. this gem keeps my little buddies safe, fresh and ready for action when I am ready to light up. liked it so much I just ordered another one. great buy famous thank you.
Dusty in Issaquah, Wa. May 24, 2012
"A little too heavy."
Good construction, but a little too heavy. Good for a few days travel.
Yasu in October 13, 2011
"solid quality-well and a great value"
I travel quite a bit and this is fine quality especially for the price. Good hinges and seal with well lined cedar inside. You can smoke one a night for two weeks, holds 12.
eric in parker colorado September 26, 2011
My girlfriend bought me this for Christmas, and i love it and take it with me everywhere. Instead of the little humidifier, i just throw in a travel pillow and don't worry about my cigars going dry!
Frank in Las Vegas January 30, 2011
"A nice travel size humidor!"
Works pretty well. Cigars taste fresher than when I buy them from my local smoke shops, and for 25 bucks it's a steal.
Jamie J in Varies September 7, 2010
"not bad for 24 buck"
I like it. the only gripe I have was the top holder, it is weak and cannot support more than 4 stoggies. I just glued 2 small but strong nedium magnets to secure it.
Keith in montvale, nj May 10, 2010