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Leon Jimenes Reviews

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Leon Jimenes Miniature (10)
"5 Star Cigars"
One of the best I've ever had. Has a mild good taste.
Sergio in New York July 16, 2013
Leon Jimenes #1
"The Best Cigar Experience Ever"
First taste was in the Dom rep back in 1996. Went to the factory, saw them being made and bought box #1 plus #3. Has been the only cigar I have smoked since then. Beautiful.
Jon in Australia June 25, 2013
Leon Jimenes Robusto
I prefer a strong cigar, bit these just taste bitter. Not an enjoyable smoke
Gaetano L. in Pleasantville May 12, 2013
Leon Jimenes #3
This cigar is an excellent choice to start the night with a nice cognac
Leonardo Gaton in Queens, New York March 14, 2013
Leon Jimenes Petit (10)
"Great cheap smoke"
This is a well balanced smoke with a good burn and draw has nice cedar and woody notes, it stays consistant all the way through, I would recommend this to anyone
Aaron in Dallas August 28, 2012
Leon Jimenes #2
"Nice smoke."
First let me say that I am a novice cigar smoker at this point, so please bear this in mind. The cigar cut and lit normally. It appeared to be well made, the burn was very even, and the ash held nicely. Draw was perfect for me. The cigar started off slow for me on taste. It was mild but nothing worth noting. After the ash dropped, almost 1/2 the way down, the taste intesified. At this point it was a very good flavor on the upper mild level. Bottom line for me. A decent smoke that I would buy again.
Tony M in Plano, TX June 30, 2012
Leon Jimenes Petit (10)
"Leon Jimenes Petit"
Don't be fooled by the pretty box, and the attractive artwork. The Leon Jimenes Petite's are no better than your 7/11 machine made swisher sweets. As a matter of fact, I would not be surprised if it was a swisher. If you don't trust this review, go ahead and buy it. If you have had any decent cigar ever, you will regret it. For those of you looking for a nice pack of cigarillo's in the 10 for $15 price range: Try the Cuesta Rey Centenario Cameo. If you don't think that cigar is worth it's price, you have no business smoking.
Mark in Santa Barbara May 8, 2012
Leon Jimenes Robusto
"Cut filler average at best"
Was expecting long filler but found these to be inexpensive cut filler cigars. Ok taste and burn , bought these in a bundle , will not buy again
Mark in Santa Barbara May 8, 2012 February 3, 2012
Leon Jimenes #1
"Long time cigar smoker"
Very good cigar , with a good burn. Delivered fresh.
Jim C in Crystal Lake, IL August 16, 2011
Leon Jimenes Robusto
"Very nice mild cigar."
Very nice mild cigar to smoke while working. It burns evenly but sometimes the draw is difficult.
Jim C in Crystal Lake, IL August 16, 2011 August 10, 2011
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