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Leon Jimenes Reviews

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Leon Jimenes Belicoso
"These cigars wear well"
I first smoked Leon Jimenes cigars on a golf vacation in the DR in 2000 and started ordering them on my return, starting with the #1, then Robusto, then Belicoso. The differences in smoking experience between the various sizes is (to me) only because of the different burn characteristics, they are all same basic taste, mild and delicious. If you sometimes find cigars to be bitter and over-strong, or if you like to smoke more than one per day, you should try this brand, you will find it crowding out other cigars from your humidor over time because it works in just about any smoking event and is available for such a reasonable price.
Greg in Dallas, TX November 26, 2008
Leon Jimenes Robusto
"One Demensional"
A solidly built cigar. The one I smoked had a couple flaws in the wrapper but these were by no means showstoppers. The draw and the burn were good. I found the taste profile ... well... boring. I like mild cigars and keep them in my rotation, but this one did not impress. It's possible mine was a poor sample. It would also likely improve with a month or two in the humidor. Would I buy this cigar again? Let's just say there are other brands out there, including some Famous exclusives for the same price or less, that deliver more bang for my cigar buck.
ROTHNH in Midcoast Maine October 9, 2008
Leon Jimenes Robusto
"Definitely Recommended"
I recently purchased the famous 20 sampler #11. Of the 5 different cigars in there, (Don Tomas, Don Diego, Leon Jimenes, Cusano 18, and Oliva Serie O), only the Cusano 18 has been a better cigar than this. It had a good draw and a nice mild taste. For someone who prefers milder cigars, this ranks up there with some of the best.
Mike in Ohio September 2, 2008
Leon Jimenes #3
"Packs a punch"
This cigar burns abundantly well, has a smoothe draw, ,and the taste begins a bit harsh but soon mellows into a delicious tasting cigar with notes of toasted almonds and a spiciness that you can feel on your lips as you enjoy this delicious bouquet of flavours before the finish which is strong and smoothe. a terrific made cigar that burned evenly with a good 2 inches of white ash. a deinite premium made cigar that was an excellent smoking experience. One of the best smokes at this particular size for a smoke with a bouquet of falovurs packed into one cigar, this cigar packs quite a punch that satisfies.
thebaby981 in Louisiana March 6, 2008
Leon Jimenes Robusto
"Another Jewel from La Aurora"
YOU MUST AGE THIS CIGAR. This is very mild by my taste I have been smoking cigars for 10 years. I have tried almost every cigar out on the market from 1950's pre-embargo. To Cigars infused with the finest cognac. I recommend aging this cigar a min of 6 months to a year. In a good quality humidor. This cigar has a very spicey peppery taste. I recommend this cigar with Black label. This will even your palate and ensure for a smooth smoke.
Dennis Palmer January 21, 2008
Leon Jimenes Robusto
"Inconsistant quality"
My first impression of the Leon Jimenes Robusto was very impressive when I received a sampler. I was so impressed that I ordered a box on my next monthly order. After going through eight cigars I have thrown 3 away! The smooth quality smoke I was expecting does not exist. The cigar does not burn consistently; in fact the three I threw away would not stay lit. I'll definitely stay with a Macanudo any day over the Leon Jimenes. The previous reviews on this web site are 2 - 3 years old. It seems the quality has slipped dramatically. I would not reccommend this cigar to anyone.
Bruce Widnes in FL July 10, 2007
Leon Jimenes Petit (10)
"Extraordinarily mild...great quick smoke"
Great small cigar, mild, smooth and smokes very evenly for a small cigar, very good value
Jack Riggs in IN May 3, 2007
Leon Jimenes Belicoso
"Smooth and Mild"
This is one good cigar, I let a few friends try one, and questions came back, "who,what,where, and may I have another to go with the other? (Damn Good)
Marcus in Owings Mills, Maryland March 14, 2007
Leon Jimenes #4
"Nice mild smoke"
Not a bad little smoke, nice and mild with a nice sweet woody taste. They are constructed nicely I light one improperly but it evened itself out. Overall not bad a very mild smoke, it would be a good everyday smoke if you can find them a little cheaper.
SmokieTheBear in Purcellville, Va December 2, 2006
Leon Jimenes Grand Corona
"Very nice, very surprised"
Got this in a "medium" sampler and thought it would be too mild. But mild can be wonderful! I plan to order more soon.
Brooks in California April 11, 2006
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