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Lex12 Reviews

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Lex12 Chrome Menthol (12)
"Nice, Enjoyable, Smooth"
I am not a cigar expert, I only know what tastes I like and this fits the bill. And I find the menthol quite enjoyable when i want to relax with my cup of coffee. Also love the tin, helps with freshness and I get to reuse them!
DO in Chgo January 13, 2015
Lex12 Nappa Night (12)
"Fantastic Product!"
A friend had these and let me try one. She was very proud of the tin they come in. I m not a big flavor person so I was hesitant to try it. WOW! The sweet tip and red wine taste are out of this world. I m now your biggest fan!
Steven in Virginia December 23, 2014
Lex12 Sweet Chaos 12
I liked the AROMA but wasn't quite sure about the flavor. Since I had 60 of them I would smoke one every so often. By the sixth one l was hooked. I smoke about three to five a day. Good to break up the norm.
Michael Morris in Lacey,WA October 29, 2014
Lex12 Sweet Chaos 12
"Nice little smoke."
I ve smoked Djarum Blacks for years and I decided to try the Sweet Chaos as I had heard from a few Djarum fans that they were similar and worth a try. I think I will probably start smoking these instead. The best way to describe the Sweet Chaos is that it s like a Black if the clove flavor was a bit more subdued and the quality of the tobacco was a bit better and smoother. Nothing compares to a true kretek cigarette, but of course those are nearly impossible to get the US anymore and ever since the flavored cigarette ban, Djarums really just aren t as good I don t think. These Sweet Chaos smokes are a nice substitute, not to mention WAY cheaper than Djarums.
Dan July 16, 2014
Lex12 Little Cigars Sweet Tip 100's (12)
"Best Little Cigar....."
I thought what I was used to was great. Nothing compares to the lightly sweet, aromatic touch, fine burning Lex 12. I wonder if there will ever be anything nicer? I ll bet there isn t.
Frank in California May 1, 2014
Lex12 Sweet Chaos 12
"If you enjoy Clove must try...."
I was blown away by sweet chaos. I am a clove fan and happy to say I have found a new little cigar to satisfy my clove needs. Really...if you enjoy clove you must try the lex12 sweet chaos.
C Weaver in Clayton, NC November 5, 2013
Lex12 Chrome Menthol (12)
"Ok for the price but would not buy again."
These are not bad but I would not buy them again. They smell strongly and the filter tasted like it was dipped in sugar. Cool novelty but not much more. A good thing I can say about them is the all black color looks very cool.
John in Detroit, MI October 12, 2013
Lex12 Little Cigars Sweet Tip 100's (12)
"Cool Look with Nice Flavour"
I wish I could get these off the shelf in the UK as cheap as they are in US. Wonderful little cigars.
Max Hall in Devon. England September 1, 2013
Lex12 Little Cigars Sweet Tip 84's (12)
"Light and aromatic"
These are not the great flavored mini cigar that I had anticipated. They are very light smokes with great aroma. Sweet tips and nice aroma are the highlight of the LEX12.
Robert in Iowa May 18, 2013
Lex12 Chrome Menthol (12)
"AMAZING Menthol Little Cigar"
The best menthol little cigar I have ever had by far! Love the tin and smell. I get so many compliments from others when I am smoking Lex12 menthol chrome! Amazing little cigar.
Pat in Raleigh, NC March 14, 2013
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