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Lex12 Little Cigars Sweet Tip 100's (12)
"love the sweet tip"
very good cigar the sweet tip give the smoke a very great taste, slow burring great smell what more can you ask for.
Homer February 12, 2013
Lex12 Little Cigars Sweet Tip 100's (12)
"Great smoke Great taste"
I got these sweet little cigars as a sample with one of my previous orders, and let me say it was a great sample! These cigars Smell great in the tin they arrive in and have a Very mellow smoke, the tips sweetness makes these cigars even better for the price :)
Robert in Wisconsin December 10, 2012
Lex12 Little Cigars Sweet Tip 84's (12)
"Love but"
too loose, product fall out of wrapper
Eve in Milwaukee November 15, 2012
Lex12 Little Cigars Sweet Tip 84's (12)
"Now this is a smoke!"
Best darn cigar I've tried, and I've tried them all. I've been looking and sampling little cigars for almost a year now trying to find one that can replace my cigarettes and I think I have found it! They smell much better than my cigarettes and my wife doesn't complain anymore when I smoke in the car. The tins they come in are a nice touch, they don't get smashed anymore in my pocket. Happy customer!
Justin in California November 8, 2012
Lex12 Little Cigars Sweet Tip 100's (12)
"WOW! Very satisfying little smoke!"
I wanted to give these a try and see how they compared to my Swisher Sweets Little Cigars, and was pleasantly surprised by these. They are obviously better quality than the Swishers and are more satisfying like a cigarette, as I originally switched from cigarettes due to the prices going through the roof on my Reds. I wish the Lex12's weren't so expensive though, these will unfortunately only be an occasional thing for me as my Swishers are half the price.
Jay in San Diego November 8, 2012
Lex12 Little Cigars Sweet Tip 100's (12)
"good long aromatic burn"
They smell terrific in the tin they arrive in. The smoke is light, long and rewardingly aromatic. A good choice for someone who wants a quick handsome little cigar.
kurt in california August 18, 2012
Lex12 Little Cigars Sweet Tip 84's (12)
WOW!!! Taste great my girl friend loves the taste lets me smoke in the house. Hell my dog dont even run away. Best cigar by far.
Pop's cigar tester in Tazewell Va April 19, 2012
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