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I liked the AROMA but wasn't quite sure about the flavor. Since I had 60 of them I would smoke one every so often. By the sixth one l was hooked. I smoke about three to five a day. Good to break up the norm.
Michael Morris in Lacey,WA October 29, 2014
"Nice little smoke."
I ve smoked Djarum Blacks for years and I decided to try the Sweet Chaos as I had heard from a few Djarum fans that they were similar and worth a try. I think I will probably start smoking these instead. The best way to describe the Sweet Chaos is that it s like a Black if the clove flavor was a bit more subdued and the quality of the tobacco was a bit better and smoother. Nothing compares to a true kretek cigarette, but of course those are nearly impossible to get the US anymore and ever since the flavored cigarette ban, Djarums really just aren t as good I don t think. These Sweet Chaos smokes are a nice substitute, not to mention WAY cheaper than Djarums.
Dan in July 16, 2014
"If you enjoy Clove must try...."
I was blown away by sweet chaos. I am a clove fan and happy to say I have found a new little cigar to satisfy my clove needs. Really...if you enjoy clove you must try the lex12 sweet chaos.
C Weaver in Clayton, NC November 5, 2013
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