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LGC Serie R Black #58 Reviews [view details]

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"Really Great Medium to Full Flavor Cigar"
This is truly a GREAT cigar! It is best to leave these babes in the ole humidor for awhile; by doing this you improve draw and burn. The flavor is incredibly well rounded and lives up to its creator's claim. There is a great cooling ash that develops as a nice aroma fills the air, even my wife loves the aroma! Long-lasting and inviting down to the nub. This is a "Sure Thing" leaving no doubt that you have gotten your hands on a great smoke!
David in Dallas, TX October 6, 2014
"Great 2 hr Cigar"
Great 2 hr Cigar.
tablowers in fl January 18, 2014
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10 Consistency 100
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10 Draw 100
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10 Appearance 100
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10 Taste 100
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10 Construction 100
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