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Liga Privada No. 9 Belicoso Reviews [view details]

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"A true pleasure"
A great smoke, well worth its price. It has great draw and holds its ash very well. As far as flavor, I would say impeccable; smooth and mid bodied with black pepper and cedar notes. Its essence is like a cologne. I would recommend if you find it, to pick up several.
Sean in Annapolis, MD February 13, 2013
"Good Stick - Over Hyped"
I really enjoyed this smoke. However, the hype on these cigars is unbelievable and frankly a little over the top.
in December 13, 2012
"Holy Smokes"
I smoke an occasional cigar, I'm a relatively broke student as well. I found it hard to drop $12 on something to light on fire. But holy smokes, this is the best cigar I've had (I've had quite a few, but not all by any means). A great way to celebrate a special occasion! Will be grabbing a few before I head back to school for the semester.
Zachary in July 10, 2012
"just ok"
i finally found a couple singles, i let them age a couple months, they are smooth but i dont like the taste profile, they are not worth the price,i will not ever buy again,even if they were a gift i wouldnt take them.cubans are better.
mike in california February 19, 2012
I have smoked everything. This is by far the best cigar out there. Strong, smoothe, and an amazing draw are the number 9s strong points. A bit of advice, if you are going to smoke in a smaller room with substandard ventilation, be ready to smoke yourself out. These cigars pour smoke like a hobos trash can fire. Best cigar ever. Do yourself a favor and pick up a few boxes.
Matt d in Connecticut January 31, 2012
"forget the cubans"
best cigar I have ever had; forget the cubans; only problem finding them in stock
dcmoore in arizona January 5, 2012
"Absolutely Outstanding"
My wife paid for this box of cigars for my wedding anniversary. I thought it was too expensive. I was wrong. What ever you pay for these great cigars, they are worth it. Full bodied and full flavored. Excellent construction with no problems. I smoked it till my fingers felt the heat at the very nub. Don't wait because once they are gone you might never get a second chance to buy these beauties!!
Carlos in NYC September 13, 2011
"A Perfect '10'"
This cigar has a beautiful band, and construction. Smooth as silk with a perfect burn. It has the whitest ash that I have ever seen. This cigar confirms that there is a god! Cheers
Jim in Colorado August 20, 2011
"Absolutely Phenonemal!!!"
Without a doubt the best cigar I've smoked. Richly laced flavors, mega complex, and creamy smooth. I'm not a fan of Drew Estate's flavor brands but this one put Drew Estate's at the center of the globe. The nose on this baby is beyond words...couldn't put it down. It is definately full flavored but doesn't pack a punch like the Padron 45 year anniversary naturals. In my mind these babies are more complex in flavor, taste,and satisfaction than even Opus X. And you don't have to mortgage the home to buy a box.
Jerome Kator in New York, New York March 10, 2011
Really worth trying believe the hype... a great experience.
charles in mn October 30, 2010
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10 Construction (98) 100
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