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Liga Privada No. 9 Belicoso Reviews [view details]

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"One of the Very Best"
One of the very best cigars! I really wish they weren't so pricey.
Tim in Ohio September 30, 2014
"Excellent in all areas! my problem is that I let m"
I have smoked at least two boxes of the #9 Liga line. One cigar out of 48 did not burn right. Drew must have rolled that one! All others are some of the best cigars I have ever had. Draw, taste, feel in your hand and texture. I have never found a line of cigars that burn and taste like a Liga. Thanks D.E. Please do not change what you are doing. Like a good vintage wine I am going to stock up!
Mike in Chicago June 25, 2014
"Simply one of the best sticks I have had!"
This stick it s a pleasure to smoke it s outstanding flavor it s its main attraction. Added to that it s smooth burn an excellent content for construction makes it one of the best cigars that I have tried. I will be buying more of these...
Eddie in South Florida May 3, 2014
"A true pleasure"
A great smoke, well worth its price. It has great draw and holds its ash very well. As far as flavor, I would say impeccable; smooth and mid bodied with black pepper and cedar notes. Its essence is like a cologne. I would recommend if you find it, to pick up several.
Sean in Annapolis, MD February 13, 2013
"Good Stick - Over Hyped"
I really enjoyed this smoke. However, the hype on these cigars is unbelievable and frankly a little over the top.
in December 13, 2012
"Holy Smokes"
I smoke an occasional cigar, I'm a relatively broke student as well. I found it hard to drop $12 on something to light on fire. But holy smokes, this is the best cigar I've had (I've had quite a few, but not all by any means). A great way to celebrate a special occasion! Will be grabbing a few before I head back to school for the semester.
Zachary in July 10, 2012
"just ok"
i finally found a couple singles, i let them age a couple months, they are smooth but i dont like the taste profile, they are not worth the price,i will not ever buy again,even if they were a gift i wouldnt take them.cubans are better.
mike in california February 19, 2012
I have smoked everything. This is by far the best cigar out there. Strong, smoothe, and an amazing draw are the number 9s strong points. A bit of advice, if you are going to smoke in a smaller room with substandard ventilation, be ready to smoke yourself out. These cigars pour smoke like a hobos trash can fire. Best cigar ever. Do yourself a favor and pick up a few boxes.
Matt d in Connecticut January 31, 2012
"forget the cubans"
best cigar I have ever had; forget the cubans; only problem finding them in stock
dcmoore in arizona January 5, 2012
"Absolutely Outstanding"
My wife paid for this box of cigars for my wedding anniversary. I thought it was too expensive. I was wrong. What ever you pay for these great cigars, they are worth it. Full bodied and full flavored. Excellent construction with no problems. I smoked it till my fingers felt the heat at the very nub. Don't wait because once they are gone you might never get a second chance to buy these beauties!!
Carlos in NYC September 13, 2011
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10 Consistency (95) 100
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10 Appearance (98) 100
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10 Taste (97) 100
Poor - Excellent

10 Construction (97) 100
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