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Liga Privada No.9 Corona Doble Reviews [view details]

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"Great cigar! Love these."
This is a great cigar. I d make them a daily cigar if they weren t so expensive. Great draw. Burn line was a little irregular but no biggie. Not sure I d go for this size again but overall I would smoke the Liga No9 s anytime!
Bill in Windsor, On July 19, 2014
"Let'em sit a few and you'll love'em"
These are simply superb! Those who had bad experiences, smoked them too soon. You need to let these sit in the humidor for 2/3 weeks. I keep my humidor stocked, placing recently purchased on the bottom. If you follow these thoughts you will understand why people pay the price to get these great smokes.
Kev8278 in PA May 3, 2013
"Probably the best cigar on the market today."
I never cared for the Drew Estate line of cigars, but they hit a homerun with this stick. From its appearance to its start to finish burn, it is by far the finest non-Cuban on the market. The only problem is that it is too pricey to be an everyday cigar.
Bassnvic in Columbus, Ohio October 6, 2010
"Just plain NASTY"
Purchased a 5-pack of these (was going to buy a box) from the well known auction site. Paid $9 apiece. From the very first puff I knew I was in trouble. I like my cigars strong but this thing tasted very funky like I imagine road tar tastes like. It certainly smelled like road tar. With each puff it felt like the roof of my mouth was burning. I had just eaten a turkey wrap 20 minutes before which had brown mustard on it and I thought that might be causing the foul taste. After about 2 inches I put it down, gargled with salt water and lit of a Oliva Serie V Ligero, I was so happy with the taste of the Oliva. After I finished the Oliva (90 min) I relit the Liga and it was the same $hit. I put the other 4 at the bottom of my #2 150 qt. coolidor. With any luck I might find them in a year or 2 and give them another try.
Dando in Philapa July 29, 2010
"great cigar - forget cuba"
on my second box.... a bit expensive, wish they would get the smaller version this takes a while to smoke and needs attention... tends to go out.... only cigar better is Cuban Monticresto A's...
john r in new york July 25, 2010
This is a meaty full bodied smoke that is rich and complex minus the harsh bite. The aroma is wonderful and immediately put a smile on my face; I found a gem. This is everything you would expect from well aged tobacco. Construction is superb. In the hand it feels firm and heavy as if it's rolled tight but surprisingly, the draw was perfect. All I can say is "WOW"!
John S in Maryland March 4, 2009
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10 Construction (97) 100
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