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Liga Undercrown Reviews

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Liga Undercrown Robusto
"My Go To Cigar!"
Easily my favorite cigar at the moment. I've smoked many of these and haven't had a single issue with them. Great burn, draw and taste. Top notch construction. I absolutely recommend this one.
Jerry in Louisiana March 18, 2014
Liga Undercrown Gran Toro
"Delightful... Lives up to the hype"
Wonderfully dry and savory wood, peat, and asphalt notes complement by a contrasting bright floral layer. Doesn t get bitter as it gets short as some of the larger ring vitolas tend to. Surprisingly medium bodied. Perfect burn and draw. Tidily rolled. Tons of beautiful blue smoke. The opposite of creamy/sour Connecticut ligas. Overall outstanding and reasonably priced.
Sam in NorCal March 6, 2014
Liga Undercrown Gran Toro
"unstoppable smoke"
Bought a 5 pack smoked two so far, really like the look of the cigar but both have lit nicely and wouldn't stop smoking. Reminded me of a mosquito coil, constant smoke. I was so distracted by the smoke that I didn't really have a chance to enjoy the cigar. Three more tries to go.
hiroshi February 28, 2014
Liga Undercrown Gordito
"Very nice cigar"
Excellent cigar. Well made, good draw, and appealing taste. Only issue was the burn. If left untouched, the cigar will start to canoe. Personally, having to touch-up a cigar is not a big issue. A little on the spendy side, but still a good value.
Tom in MN February 25, 2014
Liga Undercrown Belicoso
Like many, I bought this cigar based on the reviews of others. I had built up a list of expectations about this cigar and when it came up on the monster-mash I couldn t resist ordering a 5-pack. The cigar begins with a musky yet muted mild flavor. After the first inch, the adventure begins. Texture is incredible, quite lovely in fact. Smooth and silky but not too thick. Creamy flavor with a barnyard hay musky aroma. The room notes are more complex than the first inch. About half way into this Liga Undercrown, the show begins. Changes in flavor, complexity, delicious flavors. Mild-Medium-Mild-Medium are the variations. I had smoked this cigar in the cold and I am certain that if I were in a lounge, this cigar would be much better. I am pleased. The burn has some slight issues and I did have to adjust a few times. But the draw is incredible! Beautiful wrapper and construction is decent.
Marzuk in Atlanta February 7, 2014
Liga Undercrown Gordito
"rated one hundred"
i just wanted to even the score a bit with everyone praising the corona viva like sliced bread.... this is an amazing smoke in every way. rated 100
smoker in north america November 11, 2013
Liga Undercrown Robusto
"Great Cigar!"
Buy this cigar! A hit from Drew Estate. Creamy smoke with a medium-full taste with hints of cocoa and sweetness. A must buy and try.
Anthony in California November 4, 2013
Liga Undercrown Robusto
A very good cigar. It has become one of my top 3 sticks.
ROB in TEXAS October 7, 2013
Liga Undercrown Belicoso
"very good flavors, but.."
the BURN was bad, i needed to touch up really often, its was very annoying. flavorwise: from the beginning to the end.. the flavors are creamy pepper, earth,leather, lttle bit of dark chocolate, with a lovely sweet aroma. very good smoke, hope that the next 1 will be burn a lot better.
Raz in Israel September 25, 2013
Liga Undercrown Corona Doble
"Not Bad, but Nothing Like a Privada"
I have had the Liga Privada #9 and the T-52. Both are among my all time favorites. The Undercrown to me was quite a big step down from those two. The lady at the cigar shop keep telling me same tobaccos, blah, blah. It just is not the same. Decent in it's own right.
John in So-Cal September 24, 2013
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