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Liga Undercrown Reviews

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Liga Undercrown Robusto
"Very good Cigar"
Surprisingly good cigar! Didn't know what to expect, found it to be a good cigar. Good flavor %26 draw. Drew Estate didn't disappoint!
Cary W in Omaha NE December 28, 2012
Liga Undercrown Corona Viva
"Good Value, Nice Smoke"
Great smoke, a good alternative for those of us looking for the Liga 9 in a corona vitola. Rich, creamy and tons of smoke.
Frank in NYC December 19, 2012
Liga Undercrown Robusto
The Robusto is silky smooth, produces continuous billows of sweet smoke, and burns evenly with an amazing white ash. I actually prefer it to the Liga Pradada.
wcyarb in Dallas December 5, 2012
Liga Undercrown Robusto
"Incredibly smooth"
A perfectly constructed cigar, exceptionally smooth and creamy, perfect draw, and razor sharp burn producing copious amounts of smoke. Full bodied without being overly strong, the flavors were subtle and not terribly complex with a long finish. A must try.
JD in Palmdale, Ca November 28, 2012
Liga Undercrown Belicoso
"Treat yourself!!!"
Beautiful maduro wrapper! A flavorful medium bodied smoke with notes of a creamy peppery earth and tobacco with a long zingy finish. The first third changes things up, going to a smooth creamy sweet bread and cola like quality. Smoked it until my fingers burned!
Brian in Costa Mesa, CA November 24, 2012
Liga Undercrown Gran Toro
Good, not great. I got the toro first. I wasn't terribly impressed even after some rest. I got the corona viva second because it was supposed to be the perfect vitola for the smoke... Still unimpressed. I have one gran toro %26 two corona vivas in the humi. In a few month's I'll give them both a shot if they don't improve I'm going to write them off... I wouldn't turn one down but for the money get some Room 101 or Illusione %26 have the flavor bomb you're looking for.
R. B. in nola September 21, 2012
Liga Undercrown Corona Viva
"Very good, moderate priced cigar"
I picked up two of these from a local shop after reading reviews and they completely lived up to the hype! A well made, suprisingly long-smoking corona. Solidly medium-bodied with a pleasantly rich flavor throughout.
Stephen in Memphis September 19, 2012
Liga Undercrown Gran Toro
Ripper in Gig Harbor WA August 21, 2012
Liga Undercrown Robusto
"A Drew Estate MUST TRY!"
If you've basked in the pleasure of an UZI, you gotta try this baby!! Pure beauty.
Matt in Melrose WI August 11, 2012
Liga Undercrown Gran Toro
"fantastic smoke"
everything about this smoke is awesome. great taste, excellent burn and lots of smoke.mine have all been in the humidor for at last 2 months before i smoked them,havent had any right out of the box to tell if there is any difference.well worth the money. get some now!
mike in michigan April 22, 2012
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