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Liga Undercrown Reviews

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Liga Undercrown Gran Toro
Was never a Drew Estate fan with all of that Acid infused bulls**t but they turned me around with their traditional blends. Tried the Antano regular and Dark Corojo which was really good. But they blew me away with the Liga Privada. The No. 9 is beyond phenomenal. But for the price, the Undercrown is my everyday stick and you can't go wrong. Well done Drew Estate....very well done!
Al in PA May 31, 2013
Liga Undercrown Gran Toro
"Love at first puff"
There a wonder full medium body smokes that a unique they are binder flavor earthy chocolaty hit of spice with lots of smoke out put the smoke is is velvety to the pallets coats and satisfies the ash is whitish gray but down side is the burn is a bit uneven and have to keep an eye on it goes out if u dont pay attention but worth every penny
Jh in Nc April 27, 2013
Liga Undercrown Corona Doble
"A new favorite!"
A truly phenomenal smoke and one that I regretted having to end. Can't recommend these highly enough.
DBJ in Qatar March 26, 2013
Liga Undercrown Corona Viva
"Good Flavor Bad Burn"
I got a box of them this week due to them making the top 25 this year in one of my books. So far I have had nothing but bad luck, both have burned down the center costing me an inch or more. The flavor is outstanding and once they start to burn right they are a good cigar but maybe some time in the humidor will clean them up.
Loren Michener II in Ceres, Ca March 23, 2013
Liga Undercrown Gordito
"Absolutely fantastic!"
Couldn't put it down! Excellent smoke all the way through!
Joe S in St Simons Island, Ga February 19, 2013
Liga Undercrown Corona Viva
"Superb all around smoke"
Excellent flavors (cocoa, leather, cedar, pepper, chocolate) with excellent construction and performance. Just cheap enough to make it a go to everyday smoke.
Brandon in Florida February 10, 2013
Liga Undercrown Gran Toro
"A smoke worth waiting for at the end of the day"
This is a full bodied smoke for most, but for me is a bit on the mild side of full body. The craftsmanship is excellent and drawn consistently good. I stopped buying Acid cigars because of the consistently bad burn, draw and overall craftsmanship. The Under crown is as good as the T-52 and other more expensive Liga cigars. This is a great value for the money and a superlative smoke.
John H in Chicago January 9, 2013
Liga Undercrown Robusto
"Very good Cigar"
Surprisingly good cigar! Didn't know what to expect, found it to be a good cigar. Good flavor %26 draw. Drew Estate didn't disappoint!
Cary W in Omaha NE December 28, 2012
Liga Undercrown Corona Viva
"Good Value, Nice Smoke"
Great smoke, a good alternative for those of us looking for the Liga 9 in a corona vitola. Rich, creamy and tons of smoke.
Frank in NYC December 19, 2012
Liga Undercrown Robusto
The Robusto is silky smooth, produces continuous billows of sweet smoke, and burns evenly with an amazing white ash. I actually prefer it to the Liga Pradada.
wcyarb in Dallas December 5, 2012
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