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Little Havana Hygrometer-Thermometer Reviews [view details]

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"Best Hygro i ever bought all 13 of them."
Best Hygro i ever bought all 13 of them.
in April 13, 2014
"Don't buy!"
FAIL! Buy the Xicar Rectangular instead if you really want accuracy.
Erik in Virginia September 22, 2011
I own two of these that I purchased 5 years earlier. I recently added a new humidor and bought another one of these hygrometers. This new one is about 15 degrees higher than actual humidity. Temperature is also off by about same amount. I guess they're building them cheaper now. I wouldn't recommend this. Try another digital type. It's a shame because my older models still work fine and are very accurate.
in April 10, 2011
"Great Little Hygro"
The most accurate hygro I own. Always spot on! Battery change and salt test yearly. Just bought 2 more!
KenJ in New Jersey December 24, 2010
"Eats batteries quickly"
I just could not keep up feeding this little guy batteries. When the display would go out you have to twist it a bit to get the display to come back on! Cant say I was very happy with this unit. It has since been replaced.
Frank in Massapequa Parkm NY December 23, 2010
"Not accurate at all, very short life."
The one I received shows the RH as 8-10 degrees higher than all of the other digital hygrometers I own. Frustrating (especially since it cannot be adjusted), but not the end of the world though -I marked it accordingly and have been using it for about 3 weeks now. Tonight I checked it and it's dead. I expect something like this to last longer than a month. Really disappointed because I love the size/shape of this thing. I guess it was just too good to be true.
John in AZ December 20, 2010
"doesnt work very well."
looks cool and the idea is good, but the instrument does not work well. i bought a couple and they were no good. Famous replaced them right away with no hastle, they are great to deal with. the new ones were not much better.
jc in florida August 27, 2010
"Perfect for Traveldor"
This hygrometer is very accurate and shaped like a cigar so that it fits in your Otter Box or other travel humidor. It gives both temperature and relative humidity with a clear readout. Had mine for years and just replaced the battery at Target today. Probably the best hygrometer out there.
B-Dub, Cigar Ambassador in Raleigh, NC March 21, 2009
"Neat, but not very accurate..."
These little hygros are nice and fit in small places, but they aren't very accurate. I have 4 of them and they vary wildly, from 2% to 6% off. Be sure to calibrate before relying on them to keep your cigars fresh.
BigDave in Michigan March 16, 2009
I'm new to the Cigar world. I wasn't sure if I calibrated my Analog hydrometer correctly so I purchased the Little Havana for a second reading. My analog said my humidor was at 70%. I placed the Little Havana in my humidor and after 10 hours displayed 61%. I reset it and gave it another 10 hours still 61%. I then purchased the round hydrometer from Xikar. It was ridiculously easy to calibrate. I placed it in my humidor. I checked it in the morning from it being in the humidor over night; it displayed 70% and 70 degrees Fahrenheit, consistently. Save your money. Xikar seems to be cheaper and more accurate.
Lew in Delaware March 6, 2009