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Loathsome Hogg Reviews [view details]

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"Pleasant surprise"
Stevens comment This Hogg is not Loathsome is so true, OK its not the greatest but, satisfying, try with a fair Port or Rioja and it s really quite good
John in St. Joseph MO April 4, 2014
"These are Worthless."
I got two of these in 20 East Coast Rollers sampler. Some were okay but these were awful. I ended up throwing them in the trash.
Danny in Illinois March 22, 2014
"This Hogg is not Loathsome"
After smoking this cigar for the first time i have to say, this Hogg is anything but loathsome! In fact it is one of the best short/ mixed filler cigars I have had. Appearance is rather mottled and lumpy, but hey no hogg is pretty! Pre light aroma is practically non existent. Draw is absolutely perfect, and this scored major points with me. Initial flavors after toasting are a pleasant faint sweet spice which grows in intensity to the halfway point, after which the spice loses the sweetness and becomes very pleasantly tangy and heavy. This continues down to the nub.Very impressive flavor profile. Excellent burn, did not require even one touch up.Medium bodied. The finish is very long and tangy, holding steady in between draws. Overall, this is one hogg i will gladly spend more time with!
Steven Tuma in Steeleville, IL August 7, 2013
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