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"Over-ALL Genre..."
Okay, first I have to state the obvious for the one who claimed BOTH Of his/her Logic e-cig refills lasted a total of 12 hours...because GENERALLY SPEAKING when it comes to the Logic brand this is the ONLY statement I've read that does NOT say SOMETHING to do with the fact that they ARE LONG LASTING! So as for the TWO that only lasted 12 hours, if that is NON-FICTION and NOT in ANY WAY EXAGGERATED info wouldn't you assume u just happened to be one of the many candidate's who purchased a NEW PRODUCT to try out, and had some type malfunction since its generally UNHEARD OF for ZERO NEW INVENTIONS out of the MILLION DUPLICATES that are created to be FLAWLESS??? I'm sure all it would need to do is make a phone call to the Logic customer service line and explaining your experience to get replacements at no cost and see if the reason why you are the only one OF the MANY "REVIEWS' on Logic e-cigs" WEBSITES I'VE READ to say the Opposite of everyone else's reviews is BC u were simply one of the TRILLION others to have an issue with a type of device? Just saying......most individuals would call %26 request a replacement, usually upon sending your defected one back, and carry on prepared to handle all of the other Small, Every Day "Life" inconveniences ????
Jessica Vinson in Fayetteville, North Carolina September 8, 2013
"Better than NJoy"
This e-cigarette is better than onejoys for one reason! They last longer! I was never a heavy cig smoker maybe 1/2 pack a day and I was ripping through 4 njoys a week. Thats 4 times the amount I was spending on cigs! This e-cig lasts at least 3x as long. Only complaint is that the nicotine sometimes leaks out during and inhale and you end up with a mouthful of foul tasting liquid. Only happens once in a while though so I m sticking with these!
Li in PB, NY January 25, 2013
"Short life on these e-cigs."
I smoke 1/2 packs of regular cigarettes per day. I bought two of the logic black label units, thinking they would last me around 8 days' time. Unfortunately, the two units lasted me around 12 hours TOTAL. I don't have any idea how this is possible, since it would be unreal for me to smoke the equivalent of 4 packs in that duration. I feel completely ripped off, and to support a Logic E-cig habit would be approximately $140/week.
Brad in Ohio July 22, 2012
"FANTASTIC! It works; 35 year tobacco habit, GONE!"
What can I say? This product was the answer to my long-standing, nasty- smelling tobacco habit. I LOVE IT. 1/2 the price of cigs! Need I say more?
Deborah P in Manalapn, New Jersey February 17, 2012